How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed , restores human agency to the picture. Wikiquote has quotations related to: First, the reviewer felt Diamond was not optimistic enough about the future. Even Diamond admits that concerning environmental strain, some societies collapsed and some did not Diamond How does he balance or fail to balance environmental concerns with business realities?

Earth and Planetary Science Letters Other counter-arguments to Diamond’s archaeology and social anthropology will likely emerge also. What about in our own culture—do you think progress will come from enlightened leadership or rather from grassroots activism? When the effects of climate change on a damaged environment began to significantly reduce agricultural yield, the people blamed the king for the failings Diamond If the United States does collapse, how do you think it will happen? Of course the influence of the environment on human history is neither negligible nor all-encompassing.

It is clear even throughout the collapse that some societies remained functioning or even thriving despite the conflict.

Collapse by Jared Diamond, Viking Books, pgs. Read it Forward Read it first. For instance, Diamond devotes a large section of his conclusion to outlining examples of successful collaborations between corporations and environmentalists.

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Do you think some critics are indulging in the sort of willed blindness or wishful thinking that contributed to the collapse of prior civilizations? Without the aid of friendly neighbors but rather contending with hostile ones, their actions placed them within a context from which they were unable to recover Diamond For example, Lamanai in Belize, and Marco Gonzalez just off the coast maintained a lively and prosperous system of commerce and trade throughout, although significant facets of culture and religion altered Graham et al.


Do you think Diamond is vulnerable to the charge of crying wolf in Collapse? Published on 29 Sep In the prologue, Jared Diamond summarizes his methodology in one paragraph:.

The larger ones establish the contours of the book, while the smaller ones fill in the details that render what could be a tedious tome delightful: Diamond also writes about cultural factors valuessuch as the apparent reluctance of the Greenland Norse to eat fish.

Late in the book, he thsis two maps of the world side by side.

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Two countries share the island — the Dominican Republic and Haiti. As a result of disillusionment and agricultural stress, ninety to ninety-nine percent of the Maya population had disappeared by AD Diamond The institution of kingship, long count calendar and political, cultural, and economic complexity disappeared along with the Maya population Diamond Although Diamond can be credited with inspiring many of his readers to take an thezis in the ancient Maya civilization, he may have done more harm than good by propagating a biased theory of the collapse to further his own agenda.

Did you have any models that inspired you—other books you admire that synthesize strands from so many different disciplines? Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology However, through their actions they made it so.

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Diamond opens with a chapter about the spectacular Bitterroot Valley in western Montana, a choice that he acknowledges may initially seem puzzling. Tracking research into human origins, from the field to the laboratory.


The examples Diamond cites where this jsred actually happened provide the grace notes to Collapse — moments when the book becomes less about failure and more about how a society might beat the odds and come out on top. Can one must one? These five viamonds factors played out in different ways in each of the historical societies Diamond studies. How does your outlook depart from this school of thought? This suggests agricultural failure due to drought was not a major cause of the collapse Medina-Elizalde et al.

This already is a serious problem for us. Similarly, Powell suggests abandonment and migration may be a strategy of people living in marginal environments rather than the result of total population annihilation Collapee country or region would you choose to focus on?

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Please try again later. Food shortages ensue inciting wars for control of the depleted resources. Collapse is a long book, and because Diamond is a guileless writer, you understand right from the introduction why he thinks societies falter, and to a certain extent what he thinks we should do about it.

jared diamonds thesis in collapse

A Variable Sun and the Maya Collapse. Both Guns, Germs, and Steel and Collapse are huge bestsellers—and yet both are fairly demanding books.