The allocated maximum budget amounts to EUR 25, The goal of these educational stays is for students to learn first hand how a company or research center works, as well as their techniques and working approach. This work presents a formal framework based on deductive methods which cleanly separates the analysis of the program control flow from the data manipulated by the program. Roberto is best known for his extensive and foundational work on abstract interpretation: ICLP is the top international venue for the area of logic programming. The selected program can be found here. So, to fully exploit emerging network technologies and to overcome stagnating CPU performance, ACCORD is planning to use hardware acceleration to offload the steps required by the ordering service.

Distributed Virtual Actors for Programmability and Scalability. This event is celebrated around the world on February 11 and its goal is to achieve full and equal participation in science for women and girls. It comprised of over 40 talks by renowned international cybersecurity experts. IMDEA researcher is chairing three program committees. His research interests are in software verfication, particularly, in developing reasoning techniques and automated verification tools for real-world concurrent systems software.

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SV-COMP aims to advance software verification technology by bringing together the top international minds. Cryptography is one of the strongest areas of the IMDEA Software Institute, and we want to take this occasion to warmheartedly congratulate these four outstanding scientists for their achievements and well-deserved recognition. The Workshop was the launch activity of the Center, at which researchers from both sides worked on topics of joint interest.

Anton delivered a workshop on programming in Coq aiming at software developers. ElasTest will use a combination of instrumentation, test orchestration and test recommendation specifically crafted for improving the software reliability in fprmat large software and in particular for cloud applications.

The successful PhD candidate will do research in cryptography under the supervision of Dario Fiore. There were a total of three awards for thesis defended at the Computer Science School.


This work proposes a novel algorithmic approach to stability verification of hybrid systems, which uses formal methods. Tehsis work describes a new method and a formar tool to perform such proofs automatically.

On May 12,hundreds of thousands of computers worldwide were targeted by the infamous WannaCry attack. MIT’s Techonology review theesis recent research by researchers from the IMDEA Software Institute and University of California, Berkeley, suggesting that most malware in personal computers is covertly installed by enterprising hackers, who sell access to the compromised hosts to criminal gangs in an underground Pay-Per-Install PPI market.

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In addition to forkat full scholarship, summer school attendance, real professional experience in top IT companies, and mentoring for development of personal and team business projects and start-up creation, the graduates will receive a double degree from the implementing thesia, and an official certificate in innovation and entrepreneurship from ICT Labs.

Among other, they discover that domains contacted from malware are observed in ISP network traffic often weeks or months before the malware shows up in the malware feeds. Faculty member Juan Caballero has two papers. The results of the constraint solver indicate the cases under which these scenarios will or may occur.

More information here Jun 14, An innovative application of AI in the form of a voice-driven interface adopted by EVO Banco was used to showcase possible application fields. She has also served on over 10 program committees of international conferences, and reviewed articles for numerous international journals. If exploitation is successful, malware is installed on the visitor’s computer.

It comprises over companies including among many others: With more than m2, the Institute’s new building includes offices, numerous spaces for interaction and collaboration, areas for project meetings and for scientific and industrial conferences and workshops, and powerful communications and computing infrastructures.

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The new jr provides the group with 10Gbps for sending and receiving LHC related traffic. The thesis studies the formal verification of temporal properties of safety and liveness of parametrized concurrent systems, with a special focus on programs that manipulate complex concurrent data structures in the heap.


Moreover, the framework allows programmers to specify an “admissible” overhead level per program routine function, predicate, etc. In turn, this will directly fornat how we think about, write, and understand concurrent software.

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Ernestina Menasalvas, professor at E. S Swamy medal from the Indian Institute of Science.

This complexity comes into the sharpest thexis if one tries to develop a mathematical, computer-checkable, proof that a concurrent program produces the desired result. Understanding and bounding resource usage is not only crucial for writing efficient software but also to ensure correctness and safety of software systems, as well as their resilience to attack.

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AutoCrypt aims to use computer technology to provide mathematical guarantees that a cryptographic algorithm is secure, and that it is adequate for a given product, process, or service. Michael is an ACM Fellow and author of over publications spanning the spectrum from software engineering, to jur analysis both static and dynamicto programming language design.

Can similar situations be prevented rather than cured? Pierre Yves Strub and his colleagues have developed an automated technique to discover vulnerabilities in implementations of authentication protocols, and uncovered several vulnerabilities which, gone unnoticed, could be exploited by hackers to compromise Internet security.

Their work classifies verification problems for liveness properties in shared-memory asynchronous systems from a computational point of view. SmartTaxiwith a smart jruu that helps taxi drivers reduce waiting time and to increase their customer pick up rate.

They also discovered several critical security vulnerabilities that have lain hidden, for years, in popular open-source SSL libraries. It takes as input gormat AV labels for a large number of malware samples e.