The program can be found here. In addition, PhD candidates presented their research ideas and plans towards their PhD. The project sets out to improve blockchain systems that target Business to Business use-cases and builds on earlier success in the use of specialized hardware to implement distributed algorithms. The Tezos Foundation is establishing a multi-year research, training, and dissemination program with IMDEA Software Institute to address Tezos-related technologies including cryptography, computer security, formal verification, distributed systems, and programming languages. The Institute is located within the Montegancedo International Campus of Excellence of the Technical University of Madrid, next to the UPM Computer Science department, research centers, and technology transfer facilities, including a company incubator. Please, for more information, contact.

More details can be found here. This issue has been patched in version Alessandra’s talk, entitled “Mining the Google Play for Anomalies” presented several analysis techniques to identify anomalous Android applications, such as anomalies that involve mismatches between the description and the implementation, anomalies in the use of sensitive information, and anomalies in the user interface. Their paper characterizes the precise complexity of the model checking problem for hyperproperties, and shows how to leverage existing state-of-the-art model checking tools to handle hyperproperty specifications, with applications to security, symmetry, and coding theory. It takes as input the AV labels for a large number of malware samples e.

He has been promoted by the Boards to the rank of Distinguished Professor.

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TNO connects people and knowledge to create innovations that boost the sustainable competitive strength of industry and well-being of society. The program runs from Holland, the European representative of the U. Official announcement Oct 26, This ordering operation is one of the main performance bottlenecks in DLs. Exploit servers formqt Web servers that try to exploit vulnerabilities in the browser and browser plugins e.


Thesie European Researchers’ Night in Madridcoordinated by the madrimasd Foundation for Knowledgeis an action framed under the Horizon European programme, celebrated in over european cities at a time. SmartTaxiwith a smart app that helps taxi drivers reduce waiting time and to increase their customer pick up rate.

EIT Digital has today opened a jruu in Madrid to strengthen development of digital innovation in Spain. The workshop feature keynote speakers and a showcase of some of the best ideas presented to the Innovatech Challenge, as well as the award ceremony for the winners of the contest of ideas.

The two-year Master programme is organized in eight technical majors, each executed by two distinct European universities.

On the thseis vein, their second paper: Piece of news Video Jun 19, Press release of the Madrid Regional Government. Local project coordination and workshop organization: His work proposes new methods to develop automated cryptographic proofs in a cost-effective manner, without sacrificing rigour and obtaining end to end guarantees.

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Twitter Tezos announcement Tezos press release Press coverage Apr 20, INRIA is a French national public research institution focusing on computer science and applied mathematics. Distributed Virtual Actors for Programmability and Scalability. The tool is significantly easier to use than its predecessors formst is arguably a plausible candidate for adoption by working cryptographers.

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Read the whole story from the EIT Digital website. WeCollect Wellness Telecomwho developed the eGarbage system to improve waste collection management. These two aspects are the infected machines used to monetize the crime through different actions i. In this way, as much information as possible was provided for those who had an interest to awaken a vocation and become great talents in the future. The goal is to develop theoretical as well as practical tools to analyze the behaviors of programs.


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This work proposes a novel algorithmic approach to stability verification of hybrid systems, which uses formal methods. Roberto has just started his Business Development Experience for 6 months at Sanitas, in which he will be able to deliver the background of his thesis to the industry. In the end, the foreseen outcome of the ACCORD project is a DL design with performance that allows it to be deployed in use-cases in which DLs are inadequate today as, for example, trading.

An implementation is also provided formay check the practical viability of the approach using the Ciao multi-paradigm programming language. Laurent Mauborgne has joined the Institute in a Researcher position.

IMDEA Fromat Researcher, panelist at an event on the future of banking and AI Leaving their usual attachment to well-proven technologies and procedures, banking is embracing AI at all levels, from the interaction with clients to their core business.

In particular, Atos presented OFION, an initiative nurtured under the umbrella of a innovation and transference activity partially funded by EIT Digital that offers a technological solution to implement flexible invoice factoring in SMEs.

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ICLP is the top international venue for the area of logic programming. The Tezos Foundation is establishing a multi-year research, training, and dissemination program with IMDEA Software Institute to address Tezos-related technologies including cryptography, computer security, formal verification, distributed systems, and programming languages.