If a very well-written answer-script goes to a strict examiner and a mediocre answer-script goes to a liberal examiner, the mediocre answer-script may be awarded more marks than the excellent answer-script. MCI Regulations do not explicitly state that a candidate should secure a minimum of 50 percent marks in the theory and practical simultaneously in order to be successful as in the KUHS Regulations in which case only there would be a direct conflict. The petitioners are Post-graduate medical students who have failed in their M. Until publication in the Official Gazette, the Statute will be considered as still being in the process of being made, even if it had received the assent of the Chancellor. The decision in Ashar’s case supra on this aspect is clearly distinguishable in as much as the decision impugned therein was taken in July by the Vice-Chancellor in the absence of the first statutes in terms of Section 12 7 of the KUHS Act. To the same effect is the decision in Dr.

One can understand if the candidate is required to appear again in the theory and related practical of the particular paper if he has failed to secure the minimum prescribed in that subject as per the norms. The relevant part of the same is extracted hereunder: Only three months are acceptable: S and one for Diploma. The petitioners have not been declared successful in the Post-graduate Medical Course for the reason that they have failed to secure the minimum for the theory and the practical in all the subjects simultaneously. A reading of Clause 14 of the MCI Regulations can lead to a reasonable conclusion that a candidate should pass in the theory and the practical by obtaining the minimum marks prescribed which take in all the components of the Post-graduate Curriculum. Internship – Rules and Regulations.

The University adds that its autonomy to fix higher standards in order to declare a candidate as having passed the Post-graduate medical examination cannot be interfered guieelines in exercise of the writ jurisdiction. It is evident from Clause 3. Competency on performing medical and surgical procedures.

Much was argued on the question of examiner variability on account of multiple valuation and reliance was placed on the following observations in Sanjay Singh v. No Case or Topic can be added. Showing top 5 of 5 judgment s.

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Deep Chand Saxena… Petitioner ; vs. Some examiners are strict and tend to kubs less marks. An academic term shall mean six month’s training period.


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Supreme Court Of India31 Mar Some may be moderate and balanced in awarding marks. Clause 5 of the MCI Regulations describes the components of the Post-graduate Curriculum and the KUHS Regulations do not prescribe any change in the components which indicate that the focus is on component system than on composite system. The above clauses necessarily imply that the theory examinations fall under one head and that the Practical examinations fall under another head and each head of passing by securing 50 percent marks is in the contemplation of the Medical Council of India.

A Score of less than 1 in any of above items will represent unsatisfactory completion of internship. Even among those who are liberal or those who are strict, there may be variance in the degree of strictness or liberality. Ramaiah Dental College Bangalore is a Centre of excellence in sample thesis in technology and livelihood education the Financial thesis topics field of Prosthodontics; Thesis Dissertation rguhs thesis topics in prosthodontics Topic.

This is to secure uniform standards for Post-graduate medical education through out India and the Central Government may constitute a Post-graduate Medical Committee from among the members of the Council for this purpose.

The views and recommendations of the Post-graduate committee shall be placed before the Council who shall agree with it or forward the same to the Central Government for a decision in case of any disagreement.

The petitioners have also a case that the KUHS Regulations have not been kuha as yet in the Gazette and that their eligibility to pass in the examinations for the course should be judged according to the MCI Regulations. Knowledge on clinical management of patients in terms of history taking, clinical examination, appropriate investigations, treatment options, recent advances, preventive and promotive aspects, and their limitations.

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This is a paid feature. The total number of members in the Academic Council of the University is 57 and the quorum for its meeting shall be 11 being ouhs of the total members or 10 whichever is less as per Section 25 2 of the Act.

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To the same effect is the decision in Dr. Uppercase, bold, centered 20pt to 26pt. Training outside college will be granted only with prior permission of the University.


It is therefore, necessary that subordinate legislation in order to take effect must be published or promulgated in some suitable manner whether such publication or promulgation is prescribed by the parent statute or not. The Regulations framed by the MCI with the previous sanction of the Central Government, in regard to any of the matters referred to in Section 33 of the Indian Medical Council Act,will have statutory force and are mandatory.

An idiom is after all a group of words whose meaning is different from the meaning of the individual words and one is at a loss to find the purport and intent of the amendment made to the MCI Regulations in this regard.

The University has thought it wise that the student must possess a higher level of knowledge of the fundamentals of the subject securing atleast 40 percent marks for each subject and the raising of the bar cannot be found fault with.

Until publication in the Official Gazette, the Statute will be considered as still being in the process of being made, even if it had received the assent of kuys Chancellor. Male students should wear pants and shirts while the Female shall wear churidar or Saree.

kuhs md thesis guidelines

Therefore any control of medical education by the State in the Universities is subject to the co-ordination and determination of standards in institutions for higher education by the Union evident tthesis a conjoint reading of Entry 66 of List I and Entry 25 of List III. I also heard Mr. The nature of the right alleged to have been infringed, the underlying purpose of the restrictions imposed, the extent and urgency of the evil sought to be remedied thereby, the guidelinew of the imposition, the prevailing conditions at the time, should all enter into the judicial verdict.

The law is settled by a Full Bench of this Court in R.

Kaleeswaram Raj guidelinew Mr. Yet another provision in the MCI Regulations which throws light as to whether each head of passing is permissible in the theory and practical including Clinical and viva-voce examination is clause 14 4 thereof which is extracted hereunder: