I actually think her days may be numbered, i dont think she will go away shame , but her legacy is built on others formulas and success, and people are already seeing through that blatant fakery and narcissism. But that is all post-modern art school crap. Unfortunately, Pop music is currently at worst possible state. Quit taking everything and trying to turn it into WW3…you and alllllllllllllllllllllllll the other Britney Fans are pissed because Born This Way is doing hella better than Femme Fatale as well as GaGa in general doing better. My problem with Gaga and her FANS,too, is that they constantly attack other artists for ripping her ideas. Just remember that before you blindly jump to defend her bad behavior. So … basically, your taste in art and music is based off how successful someone is rather than the art or music itself?

But I think she simply evolved. What boundaries is she pushing? No matter how god awful or contrived it may be. She highlights that people have no right to bring other down because everyone was born different from each other and just the way they were supposed to be. Although Lady Gaga eventually decided a traditional college education was not for her and dropped out of Tisch, she said that she had a lot of fun inside Bobst during her time at NYU.

lady gaga tisch essay

I dont judge you for that cause I like most of her music. Just look at the newer Artists like Nicki Minaj. Have you ever saved lives? Like Lord Lacy Nataraj, the dancer of the Kali Yuga… This is way the esasy singers develop duplicity warfare, a machinegun in one hand, the Gandhi handbook in the other. She address the artificial prefomance art of the Gaga persona while in her Calderone persona. It is so ridiculous it could be a bad movie. It is about the oppression of queers in a heteronative society.


lady gaga tisch essay

That girl will push you where the ice is thin. You are scraping esssay for reasons to knock Gaga, which are all built on next to nothing except your own wishy-washy opinion mostly. Gaga is a nice person, she proved it so many times.

Lady Gaga Reveals ‘LoveGame’ Was Written About Her Days in Bobst

She is not doing that. That girl will ruin you.

lady gaga tisch essay

But I give up, even it reminds me some dark ancient heresy commented once by Borges in one of his short stories Judas was God …. Word for Word, WTF. This fueled her to perform on her own and to start experimenting with gwga.

Lady Gaga Waxes Philosophic on the Human Body in Tisch Essay

Wherever she is, I want her back. The truth is that like Rihanna, Madonna or Beyonce, Kady does essaay hazardously even when she speaks some crap about peace or homophile tolerance, as if we were in some dark age we are indeed, but non in her sense!

Do you actually know her? And she reminds me of a family member who thinks that if anyone in the family does well, we do so just to make her look bad.


This post has many errors. She makes a Play with her Concert.

And envisioning herself as their equal…with one problem: Email me when someone replies. You criticize Gaga, yet your favorite artist neither writes her songs, plays an instrument nor sing live.

The reason lady gaga is so egomaniacal is because she is so insecure. She never performed that song on that show. Of faga Gaging is vacant! I completely agree with flavio.

Do you know the reason? Oh yes, George W. Like,do you have no hobbies? If you came from an urban community rampant with poverty, shootings, break-ins etc Rap would have a very different meaning to you. As I repeat, five hundred millions to watch this junk, how many to watch a mass?

Lady Gaga Waxes Philosophic on the Human Body in Tisch Essay

I would love to see her opening her message to be aimed at everybody who feels depressed or everybody who feels out of touch with reality, or even everybody with mental disorders. Your articles are subtly vitriolic and deliciously fun to read. You have it all wrong.