The facia and traditional instruments beneath the windscreen are replaced by a big panel made up of three customisable liquid crystal screens: This system considers all aspects of the on-board climate. Back seat passengers can also remove an infra-red keypad from a housing in the door in order to interact with the on-board computer. The seats are trimmed with nabuk, a soft, fluffed leather similar to chamois. When riding over an obstacle, the wheel moves back to reduce interference transmitted to the body and thus perceived vibrations. Instead the instrument interface should adapt to us. Select your emails’ frequency 1H.

A TV camera ensures the car stays in lane. When the wheel drives over an obstacle, it retracts to reduce the disturbance transmitted to the body and thus the perceived vibrations. We also provide customized offers allowing you to even better operate our alert system, don’t hesite to contact us. Used lancia Lancia thesis. The configuration is stored for subsequent use but may be changed — to suit a new passenger, for example.

The rear armchairs come with a personal mobile phone socket, while the head-restraints contain earphones for listening to music. In poor visibility conditions fog, occasioon or snowthe anticollision radar is extremely useful. Both driver and passenger enjoy full control of the car for complete physical and mental wellbeing. The on-board computer stores the data, which may then be called up quickly when required.

In the former, the driver uses the pushbuttons on the steering wheel to change gear the indications appear on the onboard monitor. It embodies the concept of an evolving tradition.


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The system explores the field of view inaccessible to the human occasioh and notifies the driver of overtaking vehicles. To improve safety while driving at night, the Dialogos is fitted with self-adaptive headlamps. It is therefore possible to record environmental conditions such as gradients or grip on the road and diagnose any anomalies e. Why create an account? The light, air and sound dissemination areas are covered in clear, breathable metal cloth.

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No handbrake lever is fitted. They are good to look at and good to touch. The Parking is a search engine for used cars, bringing together thousands of listings from all across the world.

This device ensures that steering is unaffected when the active differential applies different pulling forces to both half-axles to increase car stability. The Lancia Dialogos was designed to make driving easy: Adaptive headlamps lit indirectly from a concealed source look like diamonds. Occasikn two tone, red leather or Rossini grey-brown two tone, Cuoio Havana leather Find here all of your available activ alerts on your account. The materials and components inside the passenger compartment have been chosen to meet the needs of superior quality of life on board.


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Lancia opted for a high level of automation to fulfil these functions. It occassion the field of view inaccessible to the human eye and signals the presence of overtaking vehicles. As a result, obstacles such as potholes or uneven surfaces cannot cause the wheel to vibrate or turn.


The roof is trimmed with a wool blend cloth and silk. One of the most innovative features of the rear suspension, also multilink, is a virtual pitching centre. The shape is square, but this is no soap-dish. The screen is controlled by a joystick with two buttons for scrolling through the main options and a confirmation key for moving within individual menus and activating the required function.

lancia thesis 3.2 v6 occasion

As on the Lambda, its flat straight grille is a true radiator. We also provide customized offers allowing you to even better operate our alert system, don’t hesite to contact us.

The on-board information system, complete with micro TV camera and radar, provides all the necessary information for continuous and comprehensive monitoring of the road. When unused, it becomes part of the floor and can be used as a footrest. The steering wheel occazion equipped with a series of buttons used to control the turn signals, hazard warning lights, horn, semi-automatic gearbox function and the voice function, which activates the voice-operated controls.

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The system is self-learning, i. This also means being able to live in an environment attuned to our current mood, that allows us to experience a new type of comfort. This concept car, exhibited alongside the standard-production models, contains many retro hints: