Speech and debate were two of her extracurricular in high school. We are pleased to announce 51 candidates who passed the first round of applications. Respective candidates will be tested through four stages of full hard work and enticing challenges. We were overwhelmed in joy reading hundreds of applications for the selection this year, we had so much fun to finally meet everyone who makes the cut to the interview phase. Airlangga Model United Nations Club has long prevailed, and now it is time for you to take the reign and continue our legacy!

Here we go again, another battleground before our departure next winter Being the best has always been a tradition for her ever since she was an Elementary School student, and she has been known as the winner of the Honorable Student Award given by the East Java Provincial Government. The third round will consist of a Model UN workshop and simulation. In she also succeeded in gaining yet another 1 st position trophy in the English Speech Competition held by the County of Pasuruan as well as a position as one of the Six Best Speakers in a National Level English Debate Competition held by the University of Brawijaya. Mari, terus kritisi dan kawal bersama!

When taking care of orthodontic patients, she had often found relaps ; a condition when teeth which have been properly arranged in the dental arch, shift back to their original position in the end of treatment. He is currently studying the Medical Faculty of Airlangga University, batch He is a cheerful and warm person, as well as being an optimist and a perfectionist in everything he does. Within her final essay, she evaluates the obedience of Doctors in Charge of Service DPJP in completing return referrals as the dependent variable and six dimensions of the table of eleven knowledge of rules, degree of acceptance, respect for authority, inair and benefit, social control, risk of being reported as the independent variables.


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Although extensively debate related, her experience is not only about debating. Report Share Download 3 Being a first time participant of a model united nation does not mean that he is starting with zero-experience. Since started studying in inshe has collected no less than 12 honors. Untuk informasi lebih lanjut, simak infografis diatas, yuk! lomna

He has also been a member of the Music Event Committee of his high school esday he performed a diverse range of jobs, learning a lot on how to prepare for an event as well as how to work well with a deadline. However, she did not deny that there were times she felt lazy and complained. Essay on naran kaghan scene Dachis Photography soal essay narrative text sma.

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Not only accomplished, Mega was also active in various committees, from faculty level to university level. She is a second semester Management Student who likes hanging out, reading novels, swimming, and going to karaoke with friends. As for fmm future goals, she plans to do an internship in WHO headquarter next year. She is known as a shy girl and a girl who does not talk much.

Selamat Hari Raya Waisak. We would like to thank and appreciate all participants for your eagerness, zest, and effort to be part of next year delegation. And here they are:. Reluctant to let exsay experience and skills she has built up since elementary school go to waste, she begun to actively participate in numerous organisations and unaie. Teman-teman sering ngga sih dengar cerita horror di FKM? It makes no wonder if this student of Faculty of Medicine Universitas Airlangga is then awarded the outstanding graduate in university level.


Inshe was honored as one of the sustainability young leaders in World Environment Day held in Dubai. She also likes debating and enjoys discussions where she can exchange ideas and get new informations. Fauzan believes that public speaking skill will help him communicate better with his patients in the future, consequently making him a better, more versatile doctor. Although extremely busy with activities from when she was a freshman until approaching her undergraduate thesis, she has never uniar in her studies.


Activities and tight schedules has forced me to work hard to keep my grade-point average satisfactory. While she was hosted by a loving family in Los Angeles, California, she got a lot unaair new friends and families, and learned a lot on how to accept diversity by being sesay to see something from more than one perspective.

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Thank God I win the competition. Jojo fell in love with English ever since he was an elementary student, which is when he decided that his current dream is the one that he will strive to achieve, as hard as he could, with every ounce of his ability.

Chynthia admitted that she had not faced any particular challenge in finishing college. Although she wants to be a great doctor, she also puts a huge interest in debate since she was high school. That is because the natural resources here in Indonesia are highly conducive to this.

Wah, sebentar lagi kita akan memasuki waktu libur selama 3 bulan nih. The jig is up! His other motivation, which is go back to campus, has forced him to continue his study. Airlangga Model United Nations Club has long prevailed, and now it is time for you to take the reign and continue our legacy!

lomba essay fkm unair

She won many regional scale competitions, sometimes even provincial, or even national scale.