Empirical and Theoretical Investigations. Master thesis, more… Maslova, Valeriia: Master thesis, more… Schneider, Benedikt: At the same time, company valuation is closely related to bankruptcy prediction as failure is a special state of a firm that affects its value negatively, i. Diplom thesis, more… Ferenczi, Isabella: Hedging of bunker fuel cost with futures or forwards. Further, this detailed look at the results reveals an interesting pattern.

The module conveys the ability to assess alternative methods of the valuation of firms in the tradition of discounted cashflow methods with regard to their suitability for the correct consideration of predetermined forms of debt and disbursement policy. Diplom thesis, more… Dimitrova, Cvetelina: While there are many studies on analysts and their recommendations e. The results are qualitatively the same but are slightly weaker. Behavioral Finance Driven Investment Strategies.

Pricing certificates under issuer risk in a stochastic volatility model.

Beside its effect on the company value, an early prediction of bankruptcy helps to prevent financial losses to investors because bankruptcy is costly Warner ; Altman Further, the analysis reveals that large target price downgrades can be explained by preceding stock price decreases. List of extracurricular activities.

First of all, obtaining a precise estimate for the underlying value of a company is important to prevent misallocation of resources in the economy.


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A neutral expert takes the objective value of a company. Hence, valuation and bankruptcy prediction should be considered jointly, which is why this work offers two similar stochastic frameworks for both.

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Master thesis, more… Lachenmaier, Alexander: Because the calendar time approach eliminates the problems of cross-sectional dependencies, this will not result in misleading conclusions. Master thesis, more… Fraga Esparza, Pablo Isaac: These authors investigate the performance of target price changes conditional on the direction of the recommendation change upgrades, reiterations, downgrades issued by the same broker.

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Parameter Estimates Table 4. Entwicklung eines Optimierungsverfahrens zur Bestimmung der Eigen- und Fremdkapitalquote in der Finanzplanung eines Gaskraftwerks.

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Diplom thesis, more… Zheng, Yiying: Comparing Default Probability Models. It is then used the time value of money concept along with some educated guesses about the long term sales growth rate and the long term WACC to apply common capital budgeting rules of project evaluation.

In addition, they are able to assess critically the preconditions for the application of these methods. Forecasting claim inflation unternehmensbeertung non-life insurance using macroeconomic factors. There are some alternatives to DVM msater do not use dividends as a major formula input, mainly because of the need of having a valuation model for firms that do not pay any dividends at all.


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Diplom thesis, more… Rieder, Johannes-Martin: Diplom thesis, more… Roth, Jeanette: Based on this, the thezis group will be established and the multiplier calculation will be provided.

Diplom thesis, more… Schuster, Andreas: Master thesis, more… Schwanecke, Fritz: Master thesis, more… Angerer, Christian von: Diplom thesis, more… Vicedom, Sebastian: This sorting conveys information about future abnormal returns if the analyst also issued relatively accurate earnings estimates.

Master thesis, more… Engel, Janina: The assignment is based on the IDW-Standard.

Diplom thesis, more… Mayer, Klaus: Master thesis, more… Hannecker, Sebastian: Central Banks as Lenders of Last Resort. Hedging von Express Zertifikaten. Diplom thesis, more… Nguyen, Khoa: Master thesis, more… Spyridaki, Chloi Zanet: Diplom thesis, more… Kraus, Julia: Diplom thesis, more… Tarkhanova, Olga: