Is it applicable to have a two person on one research in MEXT? Should I indicate on the field of study that my proposed research has to do with my current job as opposed to the degree I received? Especially if your research is in humanities. I started really late to prepare my documents because I just found out about the scholarship a couple weeks ago. Make sure you also discuss how your research will contribute to solving the problems you identify. I was pretty sure I was going to get the scholarship.

And i want to ask a few questions regarding mext applications. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Are we allowed to change the format of the application forms font size, font.. Hi Alek, Thank you very much for your kind words. It is not specifically written for business studies, though, so you will have to apply the ideas to your own field as you go through. Your proposal is very specific and detailed.

monbukagakusho research proposal example

As with any scholarly research paper, you must cite the sources you used in composing your proposal. Love this page and have been using it a lot to prepare my MEXT application. Before making the purchase, just make sure you read the Frequently Asked Questions and agreed with the Terms of Use. I am talking about the copies of certified transcripts, certificates, medical examination report, lab results reports, application form, study plane, theses abstracts, etc.

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Intro Part 1 Part 2 In this post: Every degree program here that I know of requires some original output or culminating project. Clearly, I have never been enrolled in a business degree, but I hope that helps anyway!


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You can include the semester of Japanese language study, but your focus during that semester should be on language state that in the plan! Even if you have never written a graduation thesis in the past, you can still write about whatever the specific focus of your undergraduate major was for this form. Section Two will be divided into three subsections: Should refer your interest and idea. Yes, one of the purposes of the FSRPP is to show that you are a clear and effective writer the interview later will do the same for speaking.

In the second, shorter paragraph, describe how you expect your method to solve your research problem. I want to apply this scholarship in but I run into difficulties with Mathematics A.

I was taking the test in a room with around other people, and almost all of them gave up on the Japanese test within a few minutes of looking at it. The embassy recommended approach should prove easier for you, especially with your experience. I learnt about this blog much late after I have submitted my application form. Will the results influence policy decisions? But despite tireless internet searches, I could never seem to find anything like that. Hi Erina, Even if you have never written a graduation thesis in the past, you can still write about whatever the specific focus of your undergraduate major was for this form.

If you were writing this proposal again, is there anything you would do differently? Another thing is that, I am totally so confused about what and how to write on the reverse side of the paper.


Topic 5. How to write good Research Proposal

My question was that I have no idea about research plan so if you guide me. All of my thoughts about contacting professors can be found here: Hi Vinu, When you write a month-by-month timeline, you do not reeearch to specify which month it starts with. Hi, Sorry I didn’t see your comment earlier. You can find those sources below:.

monbukagakusho research proposal example

This is an individual application process and there is no guarantee that both of you would be accepted, so I would recommend that you write your research plans as if you will conduct the research on your own. Yes, you can still apply after several years of employment! Generally people don’t share much about their experiences after arriving compared to However IMO it is always better to get an enthusiastic recommendation from a research assistant than a lukewarm recommendation from a bigwig professor, however many awards he has.

Hi Fabio, Thank you for your kind words!

The Japanese Studies proposql requires a high level of Japanese ability from all applicants, so it makes sense that the interviews would be conducted entirely in Japanese. Hi Travis Thank you for the useful information.