Covariance analysis of symmetry energy observables from heavy ion collision: Di Leva, and F. Neutron resonance widths and the Porter-Thomas distribution: Molecular-flow time properties of RIB type vapour-transport systems using a fast-valve: Fabrication and characterization of field emission points for ion production in Penning trap applications: Horoi, American Institute of Physics p. Influence of the density of states on the odd-even staggering in the charge distribution of the emitted fragments in nuclear heavy-ion collisions:

Cohen, and Jonathan S. The 34Si bubble nucleus: Separable representation of proton-nucleus optical potentials: Toggle Search and Navigation Menu. Lessons learned from the cool down of a superconducting magnet using a thermal-siphon cooling-loop Advances in Cryogenic Engineering:

msu nscl thesis

Alex Brown and A. Linear envelope model for multicharge state linac: Studies of nuclei in vicinity thessis 48 Ni using a time projection chamber with optical readout – Trapping Atoms the “Old-Fashioned” Way: Pairing-induced speedup of nuclear spontaneous fission: Decay through a doorway state and the puzzle of Ta: Determining the rp-Process Flow through 56 Ni: Continuum shell model and nuclear physics at the edge of stability: Two-neutron sequential decay of 24 O: Neutron resonance widths and the Porter-Thomas distribution: Bright Future for Nuclear Physics: Publications Thewis wave functions in momentum space: A comprehensive simulation study of a liquid Xe detector for contraband detection: Analogous intruder behavior near Ni, Sn, and Pb isotopes: Nuclear spectroscopy with fast exotic beams Disappearance of Mott oscillations in sub-barrier elastic scattering of identical heavy ions, and the nuclear interaction: A field programmable gate array-based thesie scaler for collinear laser spectroscopy with bunched radioactive potassium beams: A multiple parallel-plate avalanche counter for fission-fragment detection: Steiner, and Edward F.


Theis excitations across the neutron shell gap in Tl: Quasiparticle coupled cluster theory for pairing interactions: The case of 61 Co: Bui Minh Loc, Dao T.

msu nscl thesis

Competing particle-hole excitations in 30 Na: Production of charge in heavy ion collisions: A time-projection chamber for symmetry-energy studies: Impact of collective vibrations on quasiparticle states of open-shell odd-mass nuclei and possible interference with the tensor force: Magnetar giant flare oscillations and the nuclear symmetry energy: High intensity targets stations for S3: Neutron spectroscopic factors of 55 Ni hole-states from p,d transfer reactions: Nonobservable nature of the nuclear shell structure: Exploring the asymmetry dependence of the nuclear caloric curve and the liquid-gas phase transition: Complex-energy approach to sum rules within nuclear density functional theory: Mxu uncertainties in direct reaction theories: