Facial spaces and their relations. We are proud of ensuring individual approach to every customer who needs our help. Checklists are given in section IV. Pigmentation of oral and paraoral region. Journal of Indian Dental Association

Management of medically compromised patients with renal disease. Familiarize with the biochemical, microbiologic and immunologic genetic aspects of periodontal pathology. Slide discussion on histological appearance of normal oral tissues. Amalgam cavity preparation a Conventional – 02 b Conservative – 02 3. Observation during clinical work 1. Symposium It is recommended to hold symposium on topics covering multiple disciplines.

ntruhs dissertation guidelines

Institutions may include additional activities, if so, desired. Pediatric Medical Emergencies — P.


Develop an attitude to adopt ethical principles in all aspects of Orthodontic practice. Lasers in Conservative Dentistry. Especially when it is very important, being a research, report, essay, dissertation or just even an application guiselines to a university.

ntruhs dissertation guidelines

The collagen between his bones all but nonexistent, the doctors all agreed Ike had to put an end to it, or he would end up in a wheelchair in no time. Facial pain and neuromuscular disorders including TMJ disorders.


Biology of the Periodontal Connective Tissues —P. Light microscopy and various other types including electron microscopy. Pathways of Pulp — Cohen and Burns Adrenergic system and drugs.


Viva-Voce Examination It shall aim at assessing the depth of knowledge, reasoning, confidence and oral communication ugidelines. Future directions and controversial questions in periodontal therapy – Future directions for infection control Research directions in regenerative therapy Future directions in anti-inflammatory therapy Future directions in measurement of periodontal diseases F.

ntruhs dissertation guidelines

Inter disciplinary cases viii. Ntruhd Wire bending exercises to develop the manual dexterity. Dental Public Health 1. Structure of Muscle and properties of muscle fibers.

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A candidate securing less marks as described above shall be declared to have failed the examination. The examination is open to the candidate who satisfies the requirements of attendance and other rules lay down by the university. Lectures There shall be some didactic lectures in the specialty and in the allied fields.

Each trainee shall make at least 5 seminar presentations in each year. The following requirements should be fulfilled by every candidate to become eligible to appear for the final examination i. Muscles of Facial Expression, muscles diswertation mastication.

Basics of clinical photography including digital photography It may be structured and assessment is done using checklists that assess various aspects. Age changes — clinical structure. Ntruhs pg dissertation guidelines You can reach the agent by recording an application on its ntruhx, the telephone survey or a personal meeting.


The qualification and teaching experience for appointment of an examiner shall be as per the university rules.

Primary lesions and secondary lesions. Role of kidney in formation and control of dissertatio. Develop an attitude to seek opinion from allied medical and dental specialties, as and when required. Pigmented lesions of oral mucosa. Single visit endodontics — current concepts and controversies.

Neoplasia – Classification of tumors – Carcinogenesis and carcinogens – chemical, viral and microbial – Grading and staging of cancers, tumor Angiogenesis, Paraneoplastic syndromes, spread of tumors – Characteristics of benign and malignant tumors 7. Dento-facial orthopedic appliances like head gears, rapid maxillary expansion niti expander etc.