Along-slope oceanographic processes and sedimentary products around the Iberian margin. Modelstudie gesteund op waarnemingen van stijghoogten en kwaliteit van het grondwater in de Moeren en de binnenduinen De Panne – Veurne. Central courses In the first year, the programme is organised around two key themes. Tide and wave dynamics on a sand bank from deep shelf of the Western Channel approaches. Half-precessional dynamics of monsoon rainfall near the East African Equator.

Ship manoeuvring in waves: Problems and new possibilities applied to a test area in western sealand Flanders in the Flemish coastal plain, in: The seismic-stratigraphic record of lake-level fluctuations in Lake Challa: Monitoring van het natuurherstel in het Zwin First Break 20 4: Golfoverslag over een stortsteengolfbreker: Potential proxies of past climate conditions.

Cables and pipelines, in: Relationship between continental rise development and palaeo-ice sheet dynamics, Northern Antarctic Peninsula Pacific margin.

IMIS | Flanders Marine Institute

Detailkartering en seismische analyse van de Magellan-Mounds in het Porcupine Bekken, ten zuidwesten van Ierland. Active venting sites on the gas-hydrate-bearing Hikurangi Margin, off New Zealand: Delineating the area where submarine groundwater discharge occurs in the Belgian coastal area.


Morphology and taxonomy of Lecane. Mode of action, concentrations and effects of tributyltin in common shrimp Crangon crangon.

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Integrative and Comparative Biology 50 Suppl 1: Search and rescue at sea, in: Expansion of the numerical modeling tools for the North Sea harbours: Hunting for nuclear markers in green algal lineages: Bruges, Belgium, April Consequences of anthropogenic underwater sound on their ecological value. Active hydrate destabilization in Lake Baikal, Siberia?

Disentangling the terminology of invasion ecology and ‘human introduced species’ under the European marine framework directive. Toxoplasma gondii in marine mammals, in: Monitoring van het onderwatergeluid op de Thorntonbank: Maritiem transport, scheepvaart en havens, in: Voedselecologie van de wintertaling Anas crecca L.

opbouw thesis ugent

Integrated method of marine mapping – multibeam, uget sonar imaging and acoustic characterisation of the seabed. Understanding the differential behaviour of barium and silicic acid in the Southern Ocean.

Universiteit Gent: Master of Science in Geology

Characteristics obpouw repeated, detached, Miocene—Pliocene tectonic inversion events, in a large delta province on an active margin, Brunei Darussalam, Borneo. Spatial geophysical analysis of the Magellan carbonate build-ups and the interaction with sedimentary processes: Study of sand dynamics at small scale on the Belgian Continental Shelf to evaluate the risk of mine burial.


Sensitivity of plastic response of defective pipeline girth welds to the stress-strain behavior of base and weld metal, in: Lanice conchilegafisheries and marine conservation: Onderzoek naar het zwevende stofgehalte door de poorten van het GGG Lippenbroek en evaluatie van de gebruikte analyse- en bemonsteringsmethodes: China, Europe and the U. Marine pollution and the right of entry in maritime ports for ships in distress, in: Le Danois Contourite Depositional System: Very high resolution marine 3D seismic method for detailed site investigation, in: The Mound Challenger Code.

About 3D voxels, 4D impact models and uncertainty, in: The Master of Science in Sociology is a new and innovative English-taught programme at Ghent University, centered around three pillars: Cold seep related carbonate and mound formation and ecology.

opbouw thesis ugent