Both Male aged around years. What then will guide decisions? But after the exam I was shattered. What you should instead do is to try and analyse the paper and post that also. Tell me one of the variables you used? Later I picked up and put in efforts.

Ohh god, itna abruptly kyu end kr dia. Lets call them P1 and P2. A small recap of the events that preceded my CAT journey first. Why is it that photons do not possess mass? Updated Oct 21, Do you believe that life is short and that you are delaying the success that you deserve? Sir, transistor could have been developed

So, is kejriwal mad.

In the first half, they were low. And I converted 4 out of the 5 calls I had got rejected at Ahmedabad. Some Indians argue it is non-viable for India.

I learnt to be patient and realised that there is no place for personal ego here. Took a toffee and thank them Overall – I think I gave it my best shot.

That was the part that needed to be decided. XLRI went like a breeze. What subjects did you study during B. Karnataka Legislative Assembly elections. The pgalguy asked my sectional breakups.


pagalguy case study iim bangalore

I applied in March and fixed April 18 as babgalore date. And a few more questions. You just have to show the interviewer your ability to think.

All IIMs are God-level institutes. The book also sports a new design.

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My target was no different. I know my college academics are low and I’ve faced the brunt for that. Again P1 chose to ask P1 -Ok so do you read poetry? It was just classes and some sectional tests. If you know the concept well, you can crack all the questions stuvy that set. The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows.

The PaGaLGuY Slog Blog — PaGaLGuY is a Case-study at IIM Bangalore !

But relief was soon overcome by an avalanche of self- doubt. I couldn’t have got here without you. Continuous feedback and increase in staff primarily Some cross questioning followed. Bangallore email for job told him I can’t do it now anymore, no time to study and all.

pagalguy case study iim bangalore

Me smiling – I’m in the process, sir. Joining C this June. And till you are done with the list, you keep thinking about that only. On a number of occasions, I missed out on lollypop simple questions towards the end of the paper as I would have no time left.


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No sir I think my grades suffered as I neglected my academics but I recovered well and I think it had taught me a lesson. In fact, I was one of those technical and adventurous guys who used to do a lot of projects in robotics, roam around with friends, participate in technical and cultural fests at IITs around the country and win quite a few of them.

Econ cuts, okay okay fine. A unique experience as it was a informal chai pe charcha type interview with a little grilling Edit 2: I was never so ashamed of anything about myself till then. I had been laughed upon several times in school and college time but last year I decided to face my fears and I feel that I have come a long way in overcoming those fears.