Sbm roll out sgc editted 4 roll out 1 Spiritual. After a month waiting for the first selection result, you probably have forgotten some details from your application, so it is always good to recall the details back by reading again your application form, including your personal statement. Family Residing in the United States: The letter content must explain about your academic record and your social work. I was also selected to represent my University in student exchange at University of Technology Sydney, Australia to learn more about Geology.

Before starting to fill the application form, it is necessary to check your area of interest whether in Civic Engagement, Economic Development, or Environment. I will be leaving on the next September, and I am feeling more than happy to share the stories with you all. America, the Land of Opportunity. Discuss how your participation would enhance your personal and professional goals and its impact to your home country, or institution. Are you a member of any organizations, associations, clubs, etc? My previous experience volunteering in various conservation NGOs in Southeast Asia and the UK has inspired me to be proactive when developing marine conservation activities.

You are not allowed to submit any certificates to prove that you really did the activities, so my ysesli is better for you to attach links that explain every activity you have listed, if possible, as the evidence. I highly recommend for you to apply to this program! Personal Statement-Albert Christian Soewongsono.

personal statement yseali

Inspiring the youth through Proud Project. From a banker to be sratement diver: I suggest you to recall about your past and current activities or work to help determining the field.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. I never thought that I will be able to afford visiting the United States, particularly Hawai’i – everyone told me that it is so expensive to be there. As a young leader, I am driven to engage directly to mitigate risks, protect the environment and restore marine habitat. Sbm roll out sgc editted 4 roll statemejt 1 Spiritual.


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We changed from living in a tropical, dorm to cold, glamping in the woods, a 70s motel, Hostelling International and this means several plane rides, changes from train to bus and taxis.

The YSEALI Academic Fellowship is a prestigious learning experience that involves a chance to travel in the United States to interact with Americans and to understand how environmental issues are dealt with. Ppersonal she was still in the Sleman market to work. Aspects such as leadership and confidence are enhanced when given a chance to work together in a team with perssonal from different backgrounds.

Five Steps to Apply to YSEALI Academic Fellowship

Tell us about yourself ststement your goals including the following: Thank you very much. Personal essay no more than words: First I submitted my application form see sample of Personal Statement below then not too long wait about a month later I got an email saying I was shortlisted and need to come to the US Embassy for an interview.

personal statement yseali

For Indonesian participants, please visit this link deadline May 15, Best Regards Zulkhaidir Purwanto. I also do research about non-renewable fuels and the paper with title Biodiesel From Porphyridium cruentum Lipid as Alternative Green Energy Fuel was succesfully submitted to schneider electric green energy competition in Paris and become the first winner in Mining Fair, International Student Paper Competition in Padang State University, Indonesia.

So don’t worry too much, you won’t lose anything when you send your application. This will not affect candidate selection, but will enable the host institution to make any necessary accommodations.


There is no limitation for the number of the letters you can submit, but please bear in mind that quality over quantity. The friendships developed over 5 weeks will last a lifetime for sure.

All applications and inquiries MUST be emailed to: I was able to buy souvenirs for my family and friends back home, as well as dined in restaurants whenever I can. There is plenty of case studies from the U. In short, the fellowship is an intensive 5 weeks course in which young leaders in Southeast Asia will reside in the United States. If so, please list the approximate dates, places, and reasons for travel, including any participation in U.

America, the Land of Opportunity

You must demonstrate a strong interest for environmental conservation to participate in the program, though there are participants that major in other fields such as business, entrepreneurship, marketing that did the cut into the program.

I failed twice but the third one was the miracle. We can not take human out of nature, as human is a part of nature. The youngest is 18 years old and we have 2 participants who are 26 years old, but were 25 at the time of applying.

personal statement yseali

The host institute will organise various learning experience, visits, activities and opportunities to enhance understanding on the selected themes from 1 Civic Engagement, 2 Environmental Issues, and 3 Social Entrepreneurship and Economic Development. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: