While I disagree with right-wing politics, I hold no grievances against folks who vote right-wing because say… they wanna keep taxes and regulations to a minimum. History Coursework Guide The history coursework guide is a brief overview of all aspects of history coursework at the University of Auckland, including the different types of assessments, how to write an essay, how to reference properly and how to present your work. The essays in each volume provide a useful guide to students who are looking to improve their own work. I think in an effort to combat this, she had a guest lecturer every other week. The focus is on how international organisations, states and non-state actors raise and address global challenges such as security and human insecurity, humanitarian intervention and peace-building, global gender, race, class, ethnic and other inequalities, development and poverty, economic governance in a globalised world, environmental degradation and the achievement of respect for human rights and cultural diversity. If you have any questions about the essays presented below or about upcoming editions of Histeria!

Posing every chapter as a question, its structure is waffly at best and the index is useless. Yes Anita might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I think she has a lot to offer and makes a concerted effort to teach what is sometimes a very difficult course – she is hardly Satan incarnate as some have suggested. This review was posted on May 08, Overall, a pretty good course if you’re thinking of pursuing a Politics major, but I wouldn’t recommend it as an elective. A Chartered Guide resumed Tues 11 April: So perhaps the lecturer is an acquired taste, but personally, I found Anita to be a really capable and effective lecturer you’ll see that the other reviews sometimes tend to say otherwise – I mean, hating the course because of the lecturer is a bit mean, let’s be honest.


The lecture content is interesting but it was not presented well. Sometimes she throws around terms and events like gyide expects everyone to know them.

If you want to take this paper, be my guest, but be warned, it might not be the best for a first year. Which account or theory of global political economy do you find most useful for explaining these implications of contemporary global capitalism and why?

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Textbook is much too dense and marking is harshest I have come across in university guude far. This review was posted on July 19, The course is fairly difficult for a first year paper. Accessibility Links Skip to site search Skip to main content.

Best suited to those wanting to major in politics as you use the theories again. Or better yet, don’t take this paper.

POLITICS – reviews

There were several things wrong with this course. Essay was very difficult with little help offered. Overall I found International Relations to be a good paper, not great but good enough. This review was posted on Ocursework 10, The main issue was the lack of focus. Although definitely opinionated, Anita isn’t as bad as everyone says she is. Largest mistake in my first year was taking this course.

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This review was posted on November 09, Realism, Classical Realism, Neo-Realism etc. Stories, he says, form the core of all history writing and historians must use them to make connections with the public.

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Greg Anderson Carson is easy to pick on. Study the political structures, processes and relationships that govern our everyday lives, both here in New Zealand and across the globe. This review was posted on February 05, The tutorials were a waste of time I imagine she would have been the type of person who was very helpful one on one, but unfortunately her lecturing style was personally not to my taste.


Anita Lacey, the lecturer, is totally dull, boring and just parrots back the textbook. The fact that many of this issues have clearly been going on for years based on these reviews, but noone has EVER done anything about it.

Some changes may occur as we respond to current events and accommodate guest lecturers but this will not affect the range of topics covered. As history students at the University of Auckland, we recognised the need to develop an informative resource which would be valuable to students during the essay writing process. If you have shown a willingness to contribute to tutorials the tutor may be more sympathetic to requests for coursework extensions and aware of your abilities in the event of a borderline grade needing confirmation.

We courdework off with a dude called Steven Hoadley who was ua right wing and this showed through in his lecturing.

Yeeeah, gonna need some evidence of that. Pretty much, you had to write an essay that agreed with the markers opinion.

politics coursework guide uoa

Paul Kramer is the best tutor you will ever have at university. To add some comments, click the ‘Edit’ link at the top.