Surrealism suggests that truth serves to oppress the Other. The primary theme of the works of Pynchon is a self-supporting whole. This I consider a pathetic exercise. Too kind of you to take the time to reply. To urinate is actually a verb you twit. May 7, at 2: I only ask this because you seem happy to assume the mantle of academia to lend more weight to your thoughts.

Best I can do. However, Debord promotes the use of postconstructivist theory to analyse and challenge sexual identity. Post-modernists use a language that no-one else understands. Are you pulling a sickie? I admit I rushed the reading of that quote. May 6, at 9: Oh look — this is remarkably difficult to understand because its torn out of context.

If you want genuinely meaningless language, visit a psyche ward. An abundance of appropriations concerning the economy, and some would say the meaninglessness, of dialectic class may be found. Because getting drunk is cool, right?

Post-Modern Gibberish Essay Generator

If you had found any other dumbass program for any other academic discipline say, the Chomskybot I would have criticised you just as much. But of course I said that her jokes were ironic, so… I maintain that she is joking. And yet here you are, completely unqualified to make such a judgement, dismissing a mathematical physicist as second-rate.


As to your being gsnerator to find anything on Irigaray and irony, you must be fairly inept at using Google. Why are you approaching this so ominously? Surrealism and the structural paradigm of context. A fact goes something like: Phil — Did somebody mention journalism? Yet it also embodies the essence of postmodernism in being by its very nature playful and contradictory.

The Rational Ape: The Postmodernism Generator

Hey man, do you do drugs too? I never elevated it to the status of mathematics. The difference between you and Berkeley?

The cultural paradigm of expression, Marxism and Foucaultist power relations. Bailey [6] suggests that we have to choose between constructivism and textual narrative.

Post-Modernism Generator

I much prefer this to the postmodernism generator as a satirical tool. You seem very resistant to accepting that. FME — Do you know what the funniest thing about you is? No, you misread it and then tried to score a cheap rhetorical point. If surrealism holds, the works of Smith are postmodern. The Postmodernism Generator is a computer program that automatically produces close imitations of postmodernist writing.

If one examines Foucaultist power relations, one is faced with a choice: It could be said that an abundance of appropriations concerning textual theory may be revealed. The subject is interpolated into a Lacanist obscurity that includes reality as a reality. To score cheap points? Ignoring why it is the speed of light that is used. Capitalist discourse suggests that context is a product of the collective unconscious, given that culture is equal to language.


Postmodernism Generator

Several constructivisms concerning a neodialectic reality exist. Phil, you say tomato, I say horsehit.

postmodern gibberish essay generator

Thanks for the explanation Phil but I got what she gibbwrish saying. Your best post so far has been a crude attempt at mimicking me is there a compliment implicit there? If not then why did Whitehead find it neccesary to create a more fantastical philosophical system? If one examines the cultural paradigm of expression, one is faced with a choice: Irigaray is a follower of the psychoanalyst Lacan.

postmodern gibberish essay generator