Genie now lives in a sheltered accommodation in an undisclosed location in Southern California; it is at least her sixth adult foster home. Retrieved May 15, If you look at the case of Phineas Gage, who through a work accident had his pre frontal cortex severely damaged with an absolutely massive railway spike being blown through his head , the findings that the prefrontal cortex controls our social behaviour, keeps us in time with social requirements can be generalised to the human race. The New York Times. Final Note on a Case of Extreme Isolation. Email required Address never made public. By contrast, Genie performed significantly below average and showed much slower progress on all tests measuring predominantly left-hemisphere tasks.

Her mother died in Her father worked in a factory as a flight mechanic during World War II and continued in aviation afterward, and her mother, who was around 20 years younger and from an Oklahoma farming family, had come to southern California as a teenager with family friends fleeing the Dust Bowl. She told the court that the beatings from her husband and her near-total blindness had left her unable to protect her children. Escape From A Silent Childhood. Learning to speak after six and one-half years of silence, Journal of Speech Disorders, 7,

She seemed especially curious about unfamiliar sounds, and Kent noted how intently she searched for their sources.

Final Note on a Case of Extreme Isolation. They had been kept locked in isolation in a cellar with only each other for company, and had been mistreated and beaten, and so they had not formed any attachment with any adult caregiver.

privation the case study of genie

Her subsequent living arrangements became the subject of rancorous debate. She pointed out that Genie made a year’s developmental progress for every calendar year after thd rescue, which would not be expected if her condition was congenital, and that some aspects of language Genie acquired were uncharacteristic of mentally retarded people.

The pediatrician said that, although her illness prevented a definitive diagnosis, there was a possibility that she was mentally retarded and that the brain dysfunction kernicterus might be present, further amplifying her father’s conclusion that she was severely retarded. To the surprise privatjon several scientists involved in the grant meetings, Rigler decided the primary focus of the study would be to test Chomsky and Lenneberg’s hypotheses and selected UCLA linguistics professor Victoria Fromkin to head linguistic evaluation.


Within a few months of therapy, she syudy advanced to one-word answers and had learned to dress herself. He also found evidence of anti-social behavior, affectionless psychopathy, and disorders of language, intellectual development and physical growth.

Genie (feral child)

Sometime during early to mid the Riglers overheard Genie saying, “Father hit big stick. In the gdnie famous circumstances case studies have operated in reverse to the way other methods have in that they look at the results and priivation assumptions. Her husband eventually relented, and later that day she left with Genie rpivation he was out of the house and went to her parents in Monterey Park ; Genie’s brother, by then 18, had already run away from home and was living with friends.

Genie’s father mostly grew up in orphanages in the American Pacific Northwest. As early as Genie scored between the level an 8-year-old and an adult on all right-hemisphere tasks the scientists tested her on and showed extraordinarily rapid improvement on them. Studies like this have very high ecological validity as there are no variables that have been manipulated.

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An example of this is the study of the feral child, Genie, who spent the first 12 years of her life locked in her bedroom. Genie’s mother continued to visit Genie, and around the time Genie wtudy in with Butler, Genie’s mother received corrective cataract surgery which restored much of her vision. However, like all methods in psychology, case studies come with weaknesses.

privation the case study of genie

She told the court that the beatings from her husband and her near-total casse had left her unable to protect her children. Archived from the original on September 14, It is a shame that case studies take so long, yet the rich and detailed information that they produce really do seem to be worth the genle, as well as the money. The Riglers had three adolescent children of their own, which Jay Shurley said made them consider themselves more suitable guardians for Genie than Butler.


Privation Case Study – Genie – Revision Cards in A Level and IB Psychology

By contrast, Genie performed significantly below average and showed much slower progress on all tests measuring predominantly left-hemisphere tasks. In her journal, Butler wrote that she had gotten Genie to stop attacking herself when angry and had taught Genie to instead express her anger through words or by hitting objects.

Archived from the original on January 26, She slept in an uncomfortable metal bed with only a modicum of light entering the room. Yenie his first meeting with Genie, James Kent initially observed no reactions from her but eventually drew a small amount of nonverbal and verbal responsiveness with a small puppet.


After a few months, the mother found that taking care of Genie was too difficult, and Genie was transferred to a succession of six more foster homes.

Ruch died in following another stroke.

In several of their publications, the scientists acknowledged the influence that Jean Marc Gaspard Itard’s study of Victor of Aveyron had on their research and testing. The same sort of contrast between inductive and deductive thinking i suppose. Curtiss and Fromkin ultimately concluded that because Genie had not learned a first language before the critical period had ended, she was unable to fully acquire a language.

privation the case study of genie

However, case studies have provided Psychology with important insight in to many fields of research. Genie’s father disliked children and wanted none of his own, finding them noisy, but around five years into their marriage his wife became pregnant. Butler wrote that Genie could eventually tolerate fenced dogs, but that there was no progress with cats.

On the other hand I think it is important to take advantage of these situations when they arise.