Participants watching on television must comment the correct answer, along with a code that will be given by the program, on the designated Facebook post from the official Facebook page of Eat Bulaga! The winner is interviewed shortly by the hosts about family, work, health, and other interesting things about their life. Ang Huling Habilin ni Lola Each group will have 6 members. Retrieved 5 December Retrieved March 21,

TV special beamed live nationwide from the Folk Arts Theater. The Lolas try to chase after Yaya Dub, but they are too late so they decide to head off to the studio. Bayanihan of D’ Pipol. Retrieved 1 February Five key tweets that made record-breaking history”.

Nidora threatens to leave but TVJ distracts her by granting her previous request and serenades Nidora and her sisters. Jimmy and Lola Nidora would also exchange Dubsmash responses. Alden accepts and completes the challenge, much to Yaya Dub’s delight. Lolo Franing also sees Alden and claims that he was like Alden in his youth.

Retrieved 4 April The Riding-in-tandem arrives and delivers bouquets of flowers for Nidora and Yaya, who promise that they will not leave each other no matter what. Lola remorsefully tells Alden that she prefers the couple to celebrate their weeksary together instead of Yaya being in danger.

Lola Nidora tells Yaya not to expect Christmas every day. Well-known television personality and actor Ryan Agoncillo replaced him as co-host and entered the show on October 24, Bulagaa bomb has a question.


Retrieved 22 November Meanwhile, Nidora reprimands Tinidora and Tidora for their revealing outfits and abundant make-up, and tells Yaya Dub not to emulate her sisters.

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Ang sulat na ikinagulat ni Lola – Facebook”. The second mysterious caller arrives; it is Lola Tidora, Nidora’s twin sister, accompanied by her bodyguards, the Bernardos. Solvinh para sa Forever – Facebook”.

Retrieved 26 August Yaya Dub later discovers that Alden left briefly only to send her a bouquet of flowers and a pack of Hany Chocolate. Nidora is happy with her restrictions on the pair in the beginning as they have become stronger as a couple because of them.

Lola Tidora arrives and the twins become engaged jyne an showdown of sorts, making Lola Nidora more miserable.

problem solving eat bulaga june 23 2015

Lola Nidora reminds Alden that he needs to rehearse because Eolving Dub’s performance will be different. Tidora reveals that she will go back to Massachusetts. Yaya Dub and Alden have a tiff in this episode. Seeing that this is the perfect opportunity, Tinidora tells Yaya Dub the truth about jjune real mother, causing Lola Nidora to get worried. Unlike past contract signings which were formal and coverage was limited to GMA’s news programs, the signing ceremonies saw greater coverage via GMA’s social media accounts.

Problem solving eat bulaga june 23

The episode ends with the winner of the “Bulaga pa More! Alden and Yaya continue dubsmashing until Alden gets suspicious whether Yaya is lip-synching or using her real voice. Ang Huling Habilin ni Lola Codice hulaga incorporare sul tuo sito Web: Alden later says that he will bring some of Yaya Dub’s favorite food, isaw na bupaga chicken intestinestomorrow. Suddenly, Yaya Dub receives a call and starts to weep as she converses with the caller. Frankie and Lola Nidora are dismayed that Alden has accomplished the recent challenge and take out their anger at the Rogelios.


Problem solving eat bulaga june 23 2015

Retrieved 9 July Duh arrives and congratulates Frankie before seeking out Alden, who does not want to face her, so she decides to go to him. She solvibg the Rogelions for not securing the place properly. This is the first time that she plays another character aside from Yaya Dub.

problem solving eat bulaga june 23 2015

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Meanwhile, Alden arrives in Bicol safely, to the delight of Yaya Dub.