Inside the site, http: I roamed around their campus and there is no message in their notice board too. Is there a difference between the academic standards amongst the branches? For LKG it will open on Be early, get a token and then wait for your turn to submit your track sheet. Please let me know whether u r satisfied with the academics and overall development of ur kid bcoz with so many sections and so many kids in each one of them

If you opt out, that’s your choice and they you should not complain about – “all work and no play”!! Any updates on prekg admission There are 2 teachers n one helper in each section with 30 kids. We have changed only now to ashok nagar For all these you could try externally. I requesting everyone who know abt the school. Please browse through the thread for extensive information.

Do they actually demand donation? What do you want the school to do for his improvement? Sorry I haven’t looked into mvm admission link. Please keep scanned copy of the photograph of the student, copy of birth certificate, community certificate if any, residence proof, income proof and copy of pan card ready to upload. The Vatika Nabar is a small campus, and there isn’t a play area as such. We have changed only now to ashok nagar I am new to parentree.


psbb kk nagar homework 2015

Hello, There is information about when the admissions are likely to happen but can someone tell us when will we be called for the kid interview?

After all our kids’ are not gonna become Shakespeare in PreKG itself!

But what about the fee structure and donation part? Any updates on prekg admission Having spoken to several parents of children studying in other schools, I realise that DAV was the right nagaar.

Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan PSBB KK Nagar – Admission – Chennai – India – Page 3

She has a short fall of 17 days to enter psbb this academic year. Apram u ve to pay 9k during second term n third term.

psbb kk nagar homework 2015

Kk nagar has 10 sections. Do not leave any column incomplete.

Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan PSBB KK Nagar – Pre KG Admission 2016-17 – Chennai

Former member You ll have to pay the fees on the same date. For a student only one application should be submitted. While I was initially uncomfortable with their fluency in English, I later realised what is more important – the way they handle the kids.

I am new to chennaiI don’t have any of the address proof mentioned by you can i use rent agreement. This is a compilation from previous year’s thread. I’m interested in psbb.


Applications incomplete or not registered after online process will be summarily rejected. Since there are very limited options nahar Velachery, this one seems to be the best option, if you are looking for a decent CBSE affiliated, non-money making school! Once you fill the application form, you ll be asked to take a print out of track sheet and a registration form. Also, yes you can apply in only one branch. T nagar has only 4 sections. I roamed around their campus and there is no message in their notice board too.

Finally kid will be asked homedork do some of these: Thought will give a heads up on their process.

Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan PSBB KK Nagar – Admission 2015-16

Favouritism is there everywhere. Personally, from being skeptical about taking the plunge, to adapting to the their schooling, I’ve grown to like the school. I ve read all your discussions in the group. I’d rather have my kid lose, than complain about favouritism and not winning. Kind of mixed reviews on vv.