Content on ensuring that eye care provision is proportional to need. Qualitative evaluation using m5-Y IF highlighted the quality of the scientific production related to eye diseases of some countries i. Clinical psychology trainees’ research productivity and publications: Eric Denion reviewed drafts of the paper. Bruno Mortemousque reviewed drafts of the paper.

Bibliometric analysis of the current international ophthalmic publications. Content on the delivery of services for refractive error and low vision. Dispersion of papers among journals based on a mathematical analysis of two diverse medical literatures. Support Center Support Center. One hundred and sixty theses, submitted between January and December , were retrieved from the institutional library. Publication pattern of medical theses, France, Geographical distribution and socioeconomic factors The determination of the country of the first author was possible for 59, articles

Even though this is common knowledge, very little is being done to encourage postgraduates to publish.

pubmed ophthalmology thesis topics

In conclusion, this thesis proposes a new approach for reconstruction of coronary artery and the implanted BRS by fusion of OCT and X-ray angiography to analyze intracoronary ESS in vivo. National Center ophthalmolovy Biotechnology InformationU.

Canadian Journal of Ophthalmology.

However, this data is not available to the entire scientific community unless published in a pubbmed, widely circulated scientific journal. Please review our privacy policy. Supplemental Information 2 Supplemental Table S2.

pubmed ophthalmology thesis topics

The dynamic interest in topics within the biomedical scientific community. Young and non-verbal children cannot cooperate with conventional adult-oriented monitoring devices, therefore a safe and reliable technique to monitor for vigabatrin retinal toxicity is missing. Alternatively, optical reflectance spectroscopy ORS This paper serves as a detailed overview of the software developed for the Falloposcope endoscope being developed by the Jennifer Barton Optics Tissue Laboratory.


Clinical psychology trainees’ research productivity and publications: For this reason we did not include the data from IndMED in the final analysis. However selisistat did not alter the cytokine profile in this study. The Falloposcope is designed for a screening procedure for early detection of ovarian cancer in the fallopian tubes. Search and download doctoral PHD dissertations from Sweden. With current needs to better understand the interaction between atrial tissue microstructure and atrial fibrillation dynamics, micrometer scale imaging with optical coherence tomography has significant potential to provide further insight on arrhythmia mechanisms and improve treatment guidance.

Lack of publication of thesis-derived papers has also been reported from France, Finland and Croatia. Footnotes Source of Support: American Journal of Ophthalmology. The United States, as expected, regardless of the scientific specialty or sub-specialty considered, was by far the most absolute productive country. Analyzing the 62, articles, we foundOubmed terms, which represent an average of In this thesis, we propose a series of image processing and machine learning techniques for the automated analysis of OCT images.

In this thesis, we explore optical techniques to image inner ear cells and we report an This limitation is driven in part by challenges faced by conventional schemes in validating lesion adequacy at the time of the procedure. Washington University in St. Received Feb 17; Accepted Apr 7. In our setup, articles published in these journals do not enjoy the same prestige as those indexed in PubMed.


Trends and topics in eye disease research in PubMed from 2010 to 2014

The technique was also expanded upon to facilitate the imaging of subcutaneous murine fibrosarcoma tumours, negating the requirement for an intra-vital window. A quantitative evaluation of the scientific production related to eye diseases was done by evaluating the total number of articles published for each country.

pubmed ophthalmology thesis topics

Cup to disc ratio CDR is the mainly used clinical feature to diagnose glaucoma. Liesegang Liesegang TJ. Languages of publication Thirty-one different languages were identified in the 62, articles retrieved.

Dissertation topics.

A total ofMeSH terms were found, representing an average of The year was lubmed to allow at least two years for the later theses to reach publication. We also searched for articles on the national database IndMED. Among the most productive countries, 15 of 20 were classified as developed countries according to the definition of the United Nations.