Its low output impedance results in its increased drivability and ability to drive a big load [33]. Power consumption is measured via the current drawn using a multimeter. Therefore, we need something to turn the current produced by the charge pump back into a voltage. Blind application of this model based on pure observation of the equation has resulted in foolish attempts of some designers to use active circuits in order to boost QL. Dog Ear Publishing, It is important to note that the order of the PLL is determined by the highest power of s in the denominator of the transfer function.

A third state occurs when none of the signals is active. Power consumption is measured via the current drawn using a multimeter. Furthermore, most modern systems require accurate quadrature IQ LO signals. Abstract Integrated circuit scaling has enabled a huge growth in processing capability, which necessitates a corresponding increase in inter-chip communication bandwidth. However, it is important to note that in general, an array of switched-capacitors can be used to achieve a larger tuning range.

Therefore, the current through each transistor is half of Ibias. The first method particularly will not result in a correct Kn value especially for advanced technology like TSMC nm, because square-law equations are not valid for short-channel transistors.

Designing a higher Q inductor. Also included in this chapter is quadeature discussion of the measurement results. A list of test equipment required to perform the tests is provided.

quadrature vco thesis

The need for higher data rates and lower power consumption are also crucial. Mayaram, Kartikeya Fiez, Terri. This section introduces the loop filter and discusses how we designed two loop filters, one for loop bandwidth 1 MHz and the other for loop bandwidth kHz.


This VCO was designed so that turning the switched-capacitor on and off would result in overlapping tuning range. The inclusion of charge- pump buffers is for increased drivability to the charge pump.

quadrature vco thesis

A low pass filter may be needed for additional rejection of reference sidebands called spurs [58]. Because the phase frequency detector is made with real-world components, these gates have delays associated with them. The results indicate that the designs are both relatively robust to process variations with Design A being slightly better.

quadrature vco thesis

In addition to an electrical reference clock, as an extra feature, the prototype chip is capable of receiving a low jitter optical reference clock generated by a high-repetition-rate mode-locked laser. The pull-up resistors were chosen depending on the working frequency and output swing.

Thank you for your help, keeping me focused, and most importantly for your kindness and encouragement. At low frequencies, CMOS is preferred for its simplicity and low static power dissipation, but at higher frequencies, CML is used as it is faster with lower power due to its reduced output swing [36]. This will be further discussed in Chapter 3.

Low power low phase noise CMOS LC quadrature voltage-controlled oscillators

Andre Ivanov and Dr. The AC coupling isolates the DC of the source follower buffer from that of the subsequent blocks. However, the amplitude thesiss PMOS is smaller and therefore the phase noise worse [1]. This measured performance is comparable with state-of- the-art wide-tuning-range Thrsis. More information and software credits. Another importance of the study of wide-tuning range PLLs is that it is a practical method in dealing with environmental and process variations.

The two VCO designs are laid out, and measurements were taken upon receiving the fabricated chip. The third technique is a switched-capacitor based pre-emphasis technique designed to extend the inherently low bandwidth of carrier injection micro-ring modulators.


Holistic Design In High-Speed Optical Interconnects – CaltechTHESIS

Cambridge University Press, However, the drawback of the follower buffer is the voltage headroom limitation [33]. Thus, careful consideration of the delay length of the PFD is crucial [50].

Its high input impedance means the output load of the VCO core is small so that the VCO can function at a higher frequency.

The varactor cannot be too small as it will result in abnormal behavior of the varactor. The output frequency of the LC-oscillator is determined by the resonance of an inductor and a capacitor. Its low output impedance results in its increased drivability and ability to drive a big load [33]. The W and L of transistors M1 and M2 were chosen to be as small as possible to reduce the input capacitance and therefore reduce the source follower load, since the input capacitance CGS is proportional to W and L [23] as shown as follows: Qaudrature noise can also be defined as follows: The main disadvantage to using this configuration is the difficulty in implementing it when the supply voltage is low due to the stacking of transistors.