This site provides access to research by staff of the ECET countries institutes. These could be peer-reviewed preprints, postprints refereed journal paper and accepted theses. Provide unrestricted, open access to complete documents in text and audiovisual formats. You’re welcome to send any questions or suggestions to our feedback address. Aisberg – University of Bergamo Institutional Repository.

While much of the material is available in full-text many items are visible as bibliographic metadata records only. University of Debrecen Electronic Archive. Soem items are not available as full-text. Banco Internacional de Objetos Educacionais. It is an Open Access repository, aiming to make the material available to the widest possible audience. The interface is in Arabic. The interface is available in Japanese and English.

The repository contains many types of content, including electronic theses and dissertations, faculty papers and books, technical reports, conference proceedings, and digitized maps. Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration: It is a facility for Ukrainian scholars based at universities and research institutions to deposit their peer-reviewed papers, articles, and book chapters e-prints etc.

A pilot project on adding post-prints is progressing.

rcsi thesis repository

Contains research output by NHRF since its establishment in UiS Brage This site provides access to the research output of the institution. Volltextserver rrcsi Universitaet Bamberg.


Some items are not available in full-text, and are only displayed as metadata bibliographic records.

rcsi thesis repository

See the links provided for more information. Most educational items are links to external service providers which may or may not be available to external users, depending upon local or personal subscriptions. Hsiuping Institute of Technology Institutional Repository.

Institutional Repositories

Where it is not possible to include a copy of the full text, external links to the online published version and details about the research is provided. Kanazawa University Repository for Academic Resources. What is an Institutional Repository IR An institutional repository is an online collection of the academic work of an institute. Repositorio Institucional de la Universidad de Huelva. The Insight Journal The Insight Journal is an Open Access on-line publication covering the domains of image processing and visualization.

The interface is available in Portuguese. All material is copyrighted. OpenDoar Open Doar is a directory of repositories and their contents. Duke Medicine Digital Repository This site is university repository providing access to the photography collection of the institution.

Somes items may be stored on other websites of the institution. The repository is organized in communities and collections, classifying the information according with the interest of every person or group. This can include theses or journal articles or conference papers. Is filled up with the following materials in technical field: Tavistock and Portman E-Prints Online.


Interface available in English and Swedish. The documents may include text, graphic, audio and video content.

March – MCT RCSI

Two collections are currently available: Structural Informatics Group Publications. Deposited material covers a very wide range of subjects and disciplines. The complete texts of the documents are included, authors rights permitting. Notably, scientific articles not accepted for publishing in other sources due to religious or.

Murdoch Research Repository The Murdoch Research Repository is an open access digital collection of research created by Murdoch University staff and students. It includes articles, papers, teaching materials, final degree projects, doctoral theses, etc.

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