Code for the frequency of updates to the resource e. They may also exist as microform, online, or photocopy reproductions. When the resource is updated less frequently than daily and none of the other frequency codes apply, use blank for Freq and x for Regl. Optionally, add a corporate name access point and relationship term for the degree-granting institution. In that case, the correct Regl code is likely to be r for regular. Field should be used to link bibliographic records for microform reproductions to records for the corresponding hardcopy originals. Example of record for an online resource available from seven different providers:

Smiraglia and Arsen R. Remotely accessed electronic resources that change frequently are currently excluded from serial treatment they should be cataloged as integrating resources or monographs, as appropriate: Emphasize the original item and describe the reproduction in a note. Enter data to link to the original resource if the photocopy or POD reproduction is in a different format, such as a printout of a PDF file published online. For theses, published or unpublished, other than language material, notated music, or cartographic material, code this element as defined in Type. Treat locally produced recordings that are not available online as unpublished materials, use code xx. Code for the form of content of the resource.

Element Guidelines for theses Type For unpublished theses, microform reproductions of unpublished theses, and photocopies of unpublished theses, code language material, notated music, and cartographic material with: Core-ness is identified at the element level. The subject heading Dissertations, Academic applies theiss to collections of theses rather than individual theses.

3 Special Cataloging Guidelines

Facsimiles, Photocopies, and Other Reproductions 4. The GMDs were often a mixture of content and carrier. Usefulness of the information in accessing and identifying the resource Likelihood that the record will be used in copy-cataloging Discoverability by others who will not need your copy- or institution-specific data Applicability of the data to the universal description of the resource However, do not create new records that duplicate existing records only to reflect copy- or institution-specific information.


If appropriate, use the chronological designation enclosed in parentheses. Marriott School of Management, Do not enter the size if it cannot be determined.

Thesis Cataloguing (RDA) | Special Libraries Cataloguing, Inc.

Consequently, if no place of publication appears, enter [Place of publication not identified]. Code Form for the electronic aspects of the item, using either code o for online resources or code q for tangible electronic resources, such as CD-ROMs.

Use the following guidelines for cataloging offprints and detached copies: Relate any separate bibliographic record for supplements to the record for the main work via the appropriate authorized access point or linking field or both. Copyright Office Circular 21, Reproductions of Copyrighted Works by Educators and Librarians, section “Guidelines for off-air recording of broadcast tgesis for educational purposes” http: RDA was initially released in June Local bibliographic data and local holdings records When you choose to include local information such as subject headings, uniform titles, or notes to supplement the full bibliographic data in the WorldCat database, OCLC recommends using LBDs.


Cahaloguing policy Use the following provider-neutral instructions when cataloging photocopies and POD reproductions of textual materials, scores, and cartographic materials in WorldCat regardless of the cataloging rules used or the language of cataloging.

Because theses are generally unpublished materials, they are given only the date of the manuscript, with place and publisher being rdz.

Enter data to link to the physical format resource whether theesis online resource is a reproduction or simultaneously issued. Code for preservation masters that describe service copies if the institution creating the bibliographic record was also responsible for the filming. Use one record for all photocopies and POD reproductions of the same original resource regardless of: In records for electronic resources in which the Type is not coded muse the Computer File field to account for the additional electronic aspects of the resource.


Marketing research project—Brigham Young University. Enter the extent thssis 1 online resource and include subunits and duration, if applicable, in parentheses e. Use field instead.

rda thesis cataloguing

Use 2nd indicator 1 when the address is for a version of the resource other than the one described in the body of the entry or 2 when the address is for an otherwise related resource. With the Library of Congress bookplate.

All online resources are considered published.

Examples catallguing currently used terminology: Do not use except for digital preservation information as noted below. Use code m only for computer software including fonts, games, and programsnumeric data, computer-oriented multimedia, or online services or systems.

rda thesis cataloguing

The term thesis here should be understood to designate all types of academic dissertations, field projects, research papers, honors theses and other papers written to fulfill requirements for a degree or other scholastic recognition.

For copies of theses and dissertations issued by a non-academic agency such as University Microfilms International, see also the policy on Facsimiles, Photocopies, and Other Reproductions 3. In the following fields LBDs are valid: Provider-neutral cataloging is a practical solution to cataloging the growing number of online resources, photocopies, and print-on-demand reproductions for identical resources.

Instead, you may specify such differences in copy- or institution-specific notes.

rda thesis cataloguing

However, do not create new records that duplicate existing records only to reflect copy- or institution-specific information.