It is a complex cobalt-containing compound C63H88CoN14O14P that occurs specially in liver, is essential to normal blood formation, neural function, band growth, and is used especially in treating pernicious and related anemias and in animal feed as a growth factor. Technical Aspect 1 What are the raw materials needed for the product? A feasibility study in tilapia longganisa 8 August Blue tilapia Oreochrmomis aureus were introduced to Gulf states for weed control, in other cases it was for weed and insect control. In efforts to improve food production and bolster the fish-export business in Eastern Africa, the Tilapia was introduced to Lake Victoria, the largest tropical lake in the world, which serves as the main source of sustenance for the people of Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda.

While total fat of tilapia and pork is 6g and 20g respectively. Means and Time of Introduction: Researches The project aimed to develop an improved process for chichacorn Free essay samples Essays A feasibility study in tilapia longganisa. The researcher aimed to improve the processing and shelf life of this product for consumers to be assured of the safety and quality of the processed product, maintain product quality if the processing steps are standardized, and develop a shelf stable product that can reach a wider market and has higher acceptability. Financial Aspect 1 How much is the needed capital in establishing the proposed business? This can provide student references to their future researchers and alike.

They are successful aquaculture fish because they are hardy and easy to grow, white-fleshed, mild-flavored, and appeal to the palate of consumers. Financial Aspect This aspect aims to determine: Few longganosa realize that longanizas are not only found in the Philippines.


The marketing aspect focuses on the target market, the marketing strategy to be used to achieve success in the operation, the projected demand and supply, promotion of the business and the pricing of the product. Sensitivity to salinity also varies greatly between species; some species can fully tolerate seawater ISSG RupperTilapia spp. The Vigan longanisa is a good source of the total fat, cholesterol, sodium, total carbohydrates, and protein.

Lastly, their cholesterol content also differ tilapia has only mg while pork have mg.

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Classic Spanish sausages include chorizos, longanizas, sobrasadas, morcillas, butiffaras, salchichas and salchichones. A feasibility study in tilapia longganisa.

Free essay samples Essays A feasibility study in tilapia longganisa. This study was conducted to determine the shelf life of This is just a sample. Significance of the study This study seeks to investigate the feasibility of Manufacturing Sweet Skinless tilapia Longganisa in Hagonoy, Bulacan. A project was initiated to design, develop, test and evaluate Definition of Terms To ensure better understanding and appreciation of the study, the terms are given with their corresponding definition.

The Vigan longanisa has a water activity value of 0. In the United States consumed a record According to a blog, tilapia is healthier compared to pork.

A feasibility study in tilapia longganisa

Also, today we have skinless longganisa, smoked lingganisa, and longganisa in different packaging. The proponent chose this place because it is where she lives and the presence of multiple number of groceries and sari-sari stores in the place that will be one of the target market.

Statement of the problem. A survey taken in indicated that cichlid numbers had fallen drastically, comprising only 1 percent of fish weight. Similar to the grass carp, most tilapia species longanisa herbivores that have the potential to alter aquatic plant populations and ecosystems. Processed foods like hotdog, tocino, longganisa and alike are into innovations.


Some species such as the Mozambique tilapia Oreochromis mossambicus have outcompeted native fish species and preyed on native larval fish in areas where it was introduced. The group will see how feasible is manufacturing of longganisa in Hagonoy, Bulacan.

Marketing Aspect This portion seeks to determine the following: As the detritus decays and sinks to the lake floor, it absorbs oxygen. Specifically, the study sought to answer the following questions: Unlike other longgnisa, this feasibility study will create a new flavour of longganisa — the sweet skinless tilapia longganisa.

research paper about longganisa

Second, to make others aware that there are a lot of benefits we can get from a tilapia. Indigenous cichlids play a major role in reducing detritus, but with severely decreased numbers, their ability to consume this organic material is diminished.

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Financial Aspect 1 How much is the needed capital in establishing the proposed business? A feasibility study in tilapia eesearch 8 August We will write a custom essay sample on. This shows how innovation of products is so fast.