In addition to demographic considerations, the quality and competence of the lecturer may play a role in test results. Males, for example, improved more with PBL than did females. PBL or didactic educational models were randomly selected for sites. Does the pre-test score have any bearing on the effectiveness of PBL? These data are erroneous. I agree that permission to quote, to copy from, or to publish this thesis may be granted by the professor under whose direction it was written, by the Byrdine F.

Search for Therapy Respiratory. This difference may be limited to certain demographics and age groups, as indicated in the previous sections. In a randomized-controlled trial, White et al. Studies have shown that the design of instructional practices and pedagogy have great importance and correlation to the learning of students, particularly in the medical field. The study found no statistically significant differences between the two groups. We will use a study number rather than your name on the study records.

Thus, the entry scores and ability levels of the students may need to be taken into consideration in determining whether the results are valid. Respiratory Care Clinics of North America, 11 3— Respiratory Therapy Education Respiratory therapists are professionals who assess, cure, and take care of patients who present with breathing and other cardiopulmonary problems.

This study similarly shows a slight difference in results between the two groups, though it is not statistically significant. Because wisdom can’t be told. Arterial blood gas results are as follows: However, PBL students rated their programs higher in preparing them for entry-to-practice competencies.

For more than 50 years, thewis have been debating whether PBL is more effective than a traditional educational model Colliver, Support for the problem-based approach.


gsu respiratory therapy thesis

This means that there was a positive relationship between the pre and the post-tests. This is not a surprise because credentialing is a necessity for state licensure and practice, and a big proportion of continuing education takes place through state and national professional conventions in which members receive discounted services Beachey, Unlike students who were taught through a lecture-based format, Bransford, Franks, Vye, and Sherwood reported that learning in a problem-solving context, such as the PBL format, allowed graduates to spontaneously use this approach to solve new problems that they might face in their future career.

However, because the students would have pre-knowledge on the topic of mechanical ventilation in respiratory therapy, the study design would need to be revised. Reviewing these practices is essential to future growth in the field and to improving the quality of education in this demanding area.

Which of the following modifications should the therapist recommend to the physician?

respiratory therapy thesis gsu

On average, however, the students improved their scores by 1. This was the first study to compare the teaching method of two different respiratory therapy programs in regards to mechanical ventilation, and the findings will contribute to the sparse number of studies that have been performed in respiratory therapy education thus far.

respiratory therapy thesis gsu

Study results seem to indicate that PBL is as effective as a traditional teaching approach for all groups but may be more beneficial for males and for the younger demographic group. PBL started in medical settings but has since been adopted by other disciplines as well Baker, In another study with similar results, Gabr and Mohamed assessed the effect of PBL on undergraduate nursing students enrolled in a nursing administration course at Mansoura University in Egypt.


These data were analyzed using multivariate analyses of variance and 2-tailed t-tests for independent samples. Respiratory therapists work under the supervision of physicians, but they take chief responsibility for all treatments and procedures related to respiratory care.

Conclusions Since its inception as a post-secondary teaching method in the late s at McMaster University in Ontario, Canada, PBL has become an increasingly popular method of instruction.

In addition, some studies have found that PBL student attitudes toward learning changed.

gsu respiratory therapy thesis

PBL or didactic educational models were randomly selected for sites. Thwrapy needed by graduate respiratory therapists in and beyond. II and IV only 7. This literature review examines the effectiveness of this learning approach when used to teach physicians, nurses, and respiratory therapists. A chest radiograph shows bilateral basilar atelectasis but is otherwise clear.

Towards the end of the mechanical ventilation course, the course instructor administered the same question instrument post-test. Exclusion Criteria Students who had a degree in respiratory therapy or who had had prior experience in mechanical ventilation as on-the-job-training were excluded. In addition, if these differences exist, the question remains whether or not they are significant enough to justify the continuation of such a teaching strategy.

A problem-based learning curriculum for occupational therapy education. This approach gives the student the responsibility for analyzing information and communicating it to other students in class Beers, The mean score for the GSU post-test was 5.

respiratory therapy thesis gsu