These fragments are sequenced based on the spatial relationship. Film Haikus Inspired by the efficient and primal communication of gesture, these short film pieces aim to metabolize and reinterpret experiences of daily life. Triennale tote bag I produced and designed. Graphic design in this thesis is seen in the context of generating proposals through research, making form, and creating solutions for people. In order to achieve physical fitness within your studio process, here are some solutions for you. Nationalistic symbols are inherently vague, meaning different things to different segments of society.

My hope is that these experiments will stand as personal reminders to take risks, try new things, and push forward with excitement, even if I have no idea what lies ahead. For example, in response to the Deep Face algorithm that Facebook has developed, researches have raised the alarm about the severe consequences if we easily give up our privacy. I tried out the laser cutting machine, which could directly read the outlined vector files and translate them into physical objects using plywood. Inhabiting these complementary roles, I reflect upon our relationship to standardized measurements, and I consider not only what these structures obscure but also what they reveal. A sense of delight is achieved by letting the viewer in on the joke, thereby inviting them to expand their own questioning. What else deserves to be brought back in?

A card rises from the middle of the deck to the top, desigb act of overcoming oppression at all odds. As we become increasingly vulnerable to breaches of privacy, we are also more thesos on the invisible systems that encrypt our data identity, credit, taxes, biometrics. The work is an attempt to create an immersive abstract environment where the graphics are being validated through devices. Jordyn Alvidrez Methods of hierarchy are often represented in graphic forms. Through failures, I’ve arrived at an extensive mind The jarring use of the expletive within this ubiquitous symbol of patriotism reflects the confusion of being an American patriot in the 21st century, at once embodying and defying the flag.


Following its working method, I pixelate my face to test the limitation of the program and reconstruct the essential color blobs to piece out faces that are legitimate to the system.

Car Choreography Four cars. By measuring and systematizing objects, bodies, nature, space and time, abstract concepts can be shaped and made tangible in ways that expand our comprehension theis what it is to be human.

To what extent does an image become recognizable as a face? ried

risd mfa graphic design thesis

However, we, as graphic designers, can also effectively exercise while working professionally in the studio.

It was then, when I first worked with a focusing sheet to fix our In between legerdemain and a haiku, these deisgn challenge the viewer by inverting expectations through a revelation of trickery employed in their own making. A booklet designed for our studio’s visit to Harvard MetaLab.

These devices and programs, which have the capacity to produce visual smoothness and polish, also inherently engender repetition and fragmentation. Although the technology needed to accomplish the real—time facial recognition, mesh creation and feature application was patented inonly recently has the processing power of mobile devices been strong enough to run the application.

These graphhic flowed into a matrix of aesthetic styles, content possibilities, and compositional inspiration, which allowed for chance operation to dictate how I might begin each composition. With these frames as my toolbox—my framework—I call attention to the untold stories and to the frames themselves.

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Every book ordered from Lulu arrives inside a particular shipping box. With film, delight drives invention which in turn strains vision and perception, requiring a certain collusion with the audience.

Your Weather is a prototype website designed to present weather forecasts through geolocation data. Graduate Commons spring lecture series: Snapchat is also known for the temporal nature of its messages, which disappear after one or two viewings.


By transforming quantitative weather data into tangible experience in this way, abstract statistics become an experiential animation of wind, sun and rain. This paradox is one of many paradoxes that this thesis is interested in. This thesis asks readers to be conscious of the contexts with which we interact on a daily basis, as well as the corresponding identities that are activated by them. These are unique situations where a device creates content about itself.

I position myself within various hierarchical systems as a way to understand the logistics of their becoming, but also, to manipulate or justify my cultural and ethnic status in relation to them.

risd mfa graphic design thesis

Car Choreography is a series of vignettes that stars a blue Ford, a tan Volvo, a shiny new Honda, and a beat-up little Kia. How can we make more visible the relationships between our bodies and the spaces that they inhabit, the presences that they command? The typefaces were modified using algorithmic growth components.

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The book is treated as an elastic container that can mold and shape the content of whatever it holds. The interface is also entirely re-sizable and skew-able. It is meant for tagging keywords and phrases. Building blocks of cognition such as modular thinking, hyper-linking, recursion, repetition, self-referencing and self-representation are utilized for designing honest and slightly uncomfortable experiences in order to keep the reader awake and aware.