It should be clear that this is the same company operating in different locations. Get educated, focus on the advice, and avoid getting rejected. This is a chance to really show how the knowledge is specialized and cannot be easily replicated or replaced. A department manager may manage a dozen or more employees of the company, or a contract manager may manage contractor relations that are vital to the business. Organize Necessary Documents Step one to any immigration filing process is to identify which documents are required and to organize them in an easy-to-access way.

Specializing in working with you to ensure you understand every stage of the process and liaising with your immigration attorney to ensure that your paperwork is perfectly prepared, JDC Consultancy strives to smooth the transition towards your U. L1 Visa page to learn more about each particular visa. Partly because it is briefly touched upon or omitted in many other types of business plans, this is the opportunity to really back up the visa petition. If the petitioner does not manage staff and does not possess specialized knowledge, then it is critically important to show that their function is mostly autonomous with a major impact on the business. The similarity with H1 and E2 visas with the lack of those associated limitations also makes it at risk for abuse. Once this is determined, JDC Consultancy can work with you and your lawyer to ensure that all the critical support paperwork, such as your L1 Visa Business Plan, is submitted together with the rest of your documentation.

There are several criteria for applying for an L1 Visa. In the case of an L1 visa petition — it is the immigration adjudicator that needs to review, assess, approve, deny, or request more evidence if it is not present. Be prepared to back up new office actions in a year for your L1 visa renewal later. The idea behind the business plan is sampke get it right the busineds time.

L1 Visa Business Plan. This means that an L1 visa holder and their dependents may apply for permanent residency without jeopardizing their L visa status.


Ensure your nomenclature is consistent. L1 Visa Business Plan Sample For Proper Preparation L1 visa business plan sample documents are most likely not enough support to get your visa application through successfully.

By reading through example business plans others have prepared, you can then prepare yourself for the types of questions you will need to answer, and the information you will need to provide.

L1 Visa Business Plan

It is for this reason that there is no hard set planned personnel requirements for L1A. A sample document could also highlight areas where you may experience difficulties over the course of the application, and give you time to rectify these before you hand in your documentation.

sample business plan for l1a visa

Alternatively, you can simply hand over all the information and let them get started. Understand the Market Or rather, have the immigration officer understand the market. Preparing for your immigration business plan is half the battle, and it is a half that you can sampld with the help of plan samples.

L1 Business Plan | The Complete Guide: 7 Helpful Tips for a Solid Case

Obtaining a visa is often a long process that requires applicants to adhere to strict requirements. However, depending on the type of business visa that you are seeking for either yourself sampld a business owner, manager, or executive or one of your employees, you may be required to provide further information, such as an L1 visa business plan.

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After a brief consultation with Jason and going through only a small editing process the new business plan that was prepared by Jason resulted in a successful L-1 visa application. USCIS considers specialized knowledge as either: The result speaks for it the businwss, I am very happy! Get educated, focus on the advice, and avoid getting rejected.

sample business plan for l1a visa

This is your chance to set it straight because any ambiguity may cause confusion and possibly a denial or an RFE. Documents that support your business whether it is a corporation or an LLC. Because the immigration officer will encounter your business summary first, it is important to make this part water-tight.


If the petitioner will be a vital part of a new domestic office for the foreign company, a good marketing analysis is a requirement. Feedback from USCIS has also highlighted the need to see how the petitioner would spend their day, week and year. Like many different types of visas offered by the U.

Professionally Written L1 Visa Business Plan | JDC Consultancy

We were re-applying for the L1A visa again, which was denied once before due to a previous business plan plann inadequate, as one of the reasons for denial.

Using our fulfillment example again — the business location should have adequate assembly, storage, and shipping space for the construction and delivery of physical goods. Partly because it is briefly touched upon or omitted in many other types of business plans, this is the opportunity to really back up the visa petition.

Is an L1 Business Plan Required? Show How You Plan to Grow Your Business This should be a detailed plan involving strategies for marketing, expansion, and personnel growth. However, while the temptation may be strong to bolster this with unrealistic growth expectations to impress the immigration officer, this strategy is often the cause of rejections and denials.

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Many of the common mistakes that people make during the filing process that result in rejections can easily be avoided by retaining a qualified attorney. JDC Consultancy is a specialist when it comes to writing immigration business plans for your L-1A visa application.

sample business plan for l1a visa

Having a detailed competitor analysis report can show the USCIS that you are a serious company that is willing to put the effort necessary to succeed. Or rather, have the immigration officer understand the market.