By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Archived from the original on 26 April Ursula von der Leyen advocated the initiation of a mandatory blockage of child pornography on the Internet through service providers via a block list maintained by the Federal Criminal Police Office of Germany BKA , thus creating the basic infrastructure for extensive censorship of websites deemed illegal by the BKA. First Merkel Cabinet — This led to an overburdening by the thesis, which further increased during the years, Guttenberg described. Minister of Labour and Social Affairs — Terms of use Privacy policy Manage consent.

The extensive analysis published on Tuesday isn’t likely to immediately increase pressure on Schavan. The second was immediately declined by the attorney due to apparent insubstantiality. Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg stepped down as defense minister in and Annette Schavan resigned as minister of education and research in Merkel’s Education Minister Has Ph. Throughout her tenure at the ministry, von der Leyen was facing criticism for her leadership style, reliance on outside consultants, and continued gaps in military readiness.

Der Spiegel’s report cites findings from anti-plagiarism website “VroniPlag Wiki”, which tracks and counts cases of academic misappropriation. Schavan resigns amid plagiarism affair.

schavan dissertation wiki

On 7 March the district attorney’s office in Hof announced the launch of a preliminary investigation into potential copyright violations by Guttenberg. Guttenberg gibt Stellungnahme an Uni Bayreuth ab” in German.

Ursula von der Leyen was elected to the Parliament of Lower Saxony in the state electionand from to she was a minister in the state government of Lower Saxony, serving in the cabinet of Christian Wulffwith responsibility for social affairs, women, family, and health.

Card payments outstrip cash for first time in Germany. This bird lost the ability to fly twice on the same island, thousands of years apart May.


Retrieved from ” https: Fourth Merkel Cabinet —. C-reactive protein as a diagnostic parameter for the detection of an amniotic infection system for premature rupture of membranes and therapeutic relaxation bath in prenatal care. Extreme weather brings flooding to Germany Why learning German at an older age isn’t as hard as you think German Word dissertatino the Day: Von der Leyen also lobbied for lowering the barriers to immigration for some foreign workers, in order to fight shortages of skilled workers in Germany.

Von der Leyen is a proponent of a more assertive foreign policy.

schavan dissertation wiki

Assumed office 27 September Served from ; D: Looking for an apartment to rent in Frankfurt. Two of the PRS papers lacked any citation and four PRS papers were cited insufficiently, [] leading to misconceptions about the initial authorship of the passages.

On 1 March Guttenberg declared his resignation from all political offices at national level. The following day Lammert presided over a parliamentary questioning in the Bundestag on Guttenberg’s use of PRS papers in his thesis. This part of the law in particular attracted protest from some German conservatives.

Rieble decried the widespread practice of academic publications being written by assistants but published by professors as much worse for academia than any plagiarism. For the future the Chancellor declared that “I am convinced that we will have the opportunity to work together again in the future, in whatever form that may take”.

The second was immediately declined by the attorney due to apparent insubstantiality. Retrieved 1 March Tips for a child-friendly move abroad.


Guttenberg plagiarism scandal

Served from ; E: University Withdraws Guttenberg’s Doctor Title”. The news media later reported that Wulff’s nomination came as a blow to Merkel, whose choice of Leyen had been blocked by the two parties’ more conservative state premiers. In addition to theology, the new preachers would also study education siki community organizing.

schavan dissertation wiki

Exact name of German article]]; see its history for attribution. This led to his losing track of the PhD dissertation, Guttenberg stated. From until she served as the German Ambassador to the Holy See.

UED Pescara – Università Europea del Design di Pescara

Views Read Edit View history. The prosecutor found 23 prosecutable copyright violations in Guttenberg’s dissertation, but estimated that the material damage suffered by the authors of those texts was marginal.

An anonymous blogger published findings which he says indicate questionable sections on 92 of the dissertation’s pages of text. The University of Bayreuth’s handling of the matter was dissertagion criticized by its former Vice-President schavqn law professor Walter Schmitt-Glaeserwho, while agreeing that revoking the doctoral degree was justified, described the additional measures taken by the institution as an attempt dissertztion character assassination “Treibjagd”.

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