It was founded with a mission to provide a balanced and well-rounded education for all of our students, using English as the primary medium of instruction but placing equal emphasis on Bangla. The visit provided an opportunity for the members to learn more about photography and experience a sense of patriotism. This way the new generation is aware of the problems faced by the world and they will take steps to protect it. This tournament inspired the virtues of team spirit, fair play, self-control, courage and persistence within the players from Bangladesh and abroad. For junior campuses, age-appropriate clubs are offered. Both the larger campuses in Uttara and Mirpur have full-time nurses who look after students who are unwell or injured. Laboratory facilities are provided for all the science classes.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Silver Award Program, December – 55 students from Senior Campus Uttara and students from Senior Campus, Mirpur went to a 3-day adventurous trip to Srimangal, Moulvibazar and participated in various activities such as forest trekking, physical exercise, camping etc. It was a great opportunity for the students to interact with the physical environment and nature. This tournament inspired the virtues of team spirit, fair play, self-control, courage and persistence within the players from Bangladesh and abroad. For KGI onwards, every lesson is 40 minutes long, and the number of periods in a day varies from class to class. We serve Bangladeshi families who value a good education. The trip provided an opportunity for students to learn about production and export of ceramic items. They communicate with parents, administer first aid, and even take students to nearby hospitals if deemed necessary.

As a part of its leadership initiative and global outreach program, students from 25 countries participated in this international students’ conference. These are an important part of our programs, contributing to our educational mission. New bonds of friendship have been made.

Scholastica extracurricular activities include drama, debating, and public speaking.

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We also invite parents to attend various school events and in junior classes, parents honework invited to observe classes. We provide opportunities for whole child development by emphasizing extracurricular activities and physical activities, events and functions of all kinds, a range of leadership opportunities, numerous after-school programs and character building activities during the school day too.


The members of our community place importance on good character, moral and social development as well as excellent academics. In Januarythe senior classes moved into new premises. The event was organized by Utakal Yuva Sangh in association with the Government of Odisha where performers from 12 countries of Asia and South America and different states of India participated.

This tournament inspired the virtues of team spirit, fair play, self-control, courage and persistence within the players from Bangladesh and abroad. Our after-school activities and events open up a wide world of creativity, leadership and exploration.

I have learned many things though the team works. Scholastica’s mission is to build curious, knowledgeable and caring young individuals, who will be equipped to tackle head-on the challenges of our modern-day “global village”.

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Other activities include a host of field trips, foreign trips, visits to exhibitions and museums, celebration of national and historical events, and cultural programs. The breaks are time for students to take refreshment sccholastica spend time with friends.

In the high school, our Media Studies curriculum exposes students to the different types of media and sxholastica influence on daily life; the impact of media on social consciousness; and media literacy as a 21st century approach to education.

Our students at all levels are encouraged to participate homeworrk after school clubs and events or programs, such as:. Our sports teams are homfwork among the best in Bangladesh and regularly attain top positions in interschool tournaments. Students regularly take leadership roles in after-school clubs, sports teams and other extra-curricular activities like the Scouts Program and Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme.

Awareness Programs As a caring institution, Scholastica is committed to providing personalized attention to all students. The students received an overall view about the function of a jute mill. We try to make life in Scholastica fun, educational and productive for students, while developing their skills beyond academics.


Several after-school programs are offered from the middle school onwards, and all kinds of leadership programs, including the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme, are part of the school’s offerings.

scholastica homework website

homewotk The arts are also an integral part of our extra-curricular activities. It offers an extensive collection of books. Homeroom period is a time for Class Teachers to conduct activities that build team-spirit, teach discipline, counsel students on various issues, develop leadership skills, raise awareness of current affairs and the world, homeqork also build healthy relationships among the students.

Leadership opportunities in Scholastica are numerous-students may be selected for the Prefect program, or may be asked to work with faculty and management to organize different events on campus.

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Providing excellent education since Field trips to art exhibitions and musical performances are another way to broaden the minds of our students. Dana Cup Soccer LeagueDenmark, July – Two football teams from Uttara and Mirpur campuses participated in the Dana Cup tournament, one of the world’s largest football tournaments which takes place every year in Denmark.

At Scholastica, the day starts with assembly or homeroom period for Class I onwards. This is the first time Scholastica performed a play outside the borders of Bangladesh!. Our effort in the game was very tiring and opponents were very tough – this is an inspiration for me to play hard and win other tournaments for the school.

Modern School India organized the 12th session of this event in which 25 schools from sixteen countries participated. Cambridge schools in Bangladesh Schools in Dhaka District Educational institutions established in establishments in Bangladesh.