If the student has completed a thesis, the Montezuma Publishing division of Aztec Shops must have provided notification to Graduate Affairs that the thesis was turned in and payment was made for binding before a letter of verification may be written. Master’s Degree Program in Interdisciplinary Studies. Submission Deadline Submitting your thesis to Montezuma Publishing MP by this deadline guarantees that MP will review your thesis and return it to you for corrections, if necessary, at least one week prior to the Completion deadline. Students must meet with both the new and old graduate advisors if applicable to obtain permission. Diploma orders take up to weeks and will be mailed to the address provided. Students requiring additional time to finish their theses must enroll in B Thesis Extension, either through main campus or through the College of Extended Studies.

After you have completed the conditions, contact your Graduate Advisor and request that a Change of Status form be sent to Graduate Affairs. Immediate Reinstatement After Disqualification. The advanced certificate at the graduate level provides a program of coursework leading to a certificate concurrently with, or other than, a master’s degree. After the University Schedule Adjustment deadline, students are expected to complete all courses in which they are enrolled. You can only become classified if your advisor submits this form. Students missing this final deadline will be required to reapply for graduation for the term in which they expect to graduate. Change of Status E-form.

General Instructions and guidelines for committee composition. Any petitions that are submitted with insufficient documentation or incomplete forms will delay processing beyond 10 business days. This form must be signed by the instructor and Graduate Affairs before the course is added to an tnesis schedule. This petition is used to change a student’s official program of study or request an exception of specific requirements stated in the Graduate Bulletin.


Request for Letter of Completion E-form. San Diego State University excels in innovation, research, and creative activities due in a large part to the success of our graduate students.

Change of Status Form. After the documents are notarized, the documents will be mailed to you or anyone you direct.

This form will be used for students admitted into the Master’s degree program in Interdisciplinary Studies to create their academic plan and their thesis committee An official thesis committee packet will still need to be completed and submitted to the Division of Graduate Affairs. Academically disqualified students are not allowed to take classes at SDSU or participate in graduate programs for one semester. After that time, they may apply for readmission.

August 21st at 3: Students can contact their graduate advisor to confirm this requirement or view the “Milestones” tab in WebPortal. Undergraduates may only take these courses in the final semester of their bachelor’s degree, and must meet all required competencies in writing and mathematics, be within 12 thesiss of completing requirements for their degree, and have a GPA of 3.

Mont. Pub.

The Graduate Petition for Retroactive Course Changes requires the approval and signatures of the instructors of the courses involved, and the approval and signature of the graduate advisor. Information on this web site is subject to change without notice.

The graduate advisor must submit notification deadkines completion of the Foreign Language Requirement to the appropriate evaluator in Graduate Affairs.

Meeting this deadline for thesis review allows you to have the best possibility for graduation during the current semester.


This form can be submitted online, but must be initiated by your Graduate Advisor. Before submitting this form, the student should first reapply to the university sdssu the application filing period. Diploma orders take up to weeks and will be mailed to the address provided.

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December 18th at 3: For many graduate programs, these accomplishments culminate in a thesis or dissertation that is expected to be of the highest quality for the field. Foreign Language Completion Form. Immediate Reinstatement After Disqualification Form.

You will be notified when your documents are ready for notarization. Master’s thesis committees are expected to include a thesis chair, second member from within the graduate program, and a third member from outside the home department.

The application will not be released electronically to the thesiz for review unless the Readmission petition is approved.

Degree Progress

March 29th at 3: Deadlinees, for fully documented, serious and compelling reasons, the student may request a Late Schedule Adjustment by obtaining appropriate authorizations.

Request to Change Master’s Programs.

sdsu thesis deadlines

Reissued Graduate Diploma Order Form. A course in which a WU has been earned may be repeated only once. After a recommendation has been made by the department, the Request for Permission to Enter an Advanced Deadlknes Program must be returned to Graduate Affairs. Change of Status E-form. All committee members should be tenure-track or tenured SDSU faculty. Undergraduate applications are NOT accepted after November 30 postmarked.

sdsu thesis deadlines