Dial Books Say, A. Eight Week Quiz A. Have students break up into cooperative learning groups and assign each group a story. Public Information Logo and Guidelines. Day Five Closure Tell students that they will be given the entire class period to work on their stories on day seven.

Four Week Quiz B. More summaries and resources for teaching or studying Seedfolks. She mentioned that doctors in ancient Egypt prescribed walking through a garden as a cure for the insane. You need that bridge to cross over. At the end of the day, compile the most common answers and write them on the poster paper. Reading Activity Continue reading with Sae Young’s story. As a culminating activity to reading Seedfolks , students will enter their “chapter” of the book into the computer for publication in their class’ edition.

seedfolks essay prompts

At the end of the day, compile the most common answers and write them on the poster paper. Four Week Quiz A.

seedfolks essay prompts

What would you say to your child to combat this? Read Leona’s story with the class. Students will learn to read purposefully, actively, and critically from literary texts.


Day Seedfllks Introduction This is the final day of reading Seedfolks. Contacts E-mail More Distance Education. Using the book Seedfolks as the primary learning tool will also engage issues of diversity, acceptance, and community involvement.

How would you comfort your child? Eight Week Quiz G.

seedfolks essay prompts

Discuss questions for Wendell. The stories used in this lesson are: Several times in the novel, the characters mention that the community garden gives them hope.

Throughout the novel, the characters mention fighting a number of stereotypes. How do these stereotypes damage their relationships with others?

Seedfolks Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Eight Week Quiz C. After reading this introduction to the class, begin reading the first chapter in Seedfolks. Interviewing others who have experienced therapeutic gardening, he began to develop the various characters for his new book, Seedfolks. Rough drafts of stories will be due on Day Five, when a peer edit will be conducted.

Seedfolks: Stories that Make a Difference

Display the posters, so that students may refer to them daily as future chapters are read. Short Answer Questions Key. Try to find guest speakers that can come to the class to share their personal experiences. Eight Week Quiz Pompts. Discuss as a class Mr. UEN does not endorse and is not responsible for content on external websites linked to from this page.


Upon completion, ask the questions associated with Kim’s chapter. Eight Week Quiz F. Day Five Reading Activity Before reading the chapter about Maricela, discuss eeedfolks somewhat controversial nature of her chapter teen pregnancy.

Place on an overhead a picture of Mr. Record the student answers on the board under the column for Curtis. Eight Week Quiz D. More summaries and resources for teaching or studying Seedfolks.

Seedfolks: Stories that Make a Difference

Be sure to follow the district and school guidelines in formatting the stories on a shared drive. Time Frame 8 class periods of 70 minutes each. Students should begin thinking of how they can become “involved” in this community.