Clearly, the university physics has not been so attractive as to attract them away from the obvious lure of money. Sorry but the horizontal speed would only be a red herring if the question had asked for the vertical component of the speed at which it struck the ground. If two objects were released at the same instant from the leaning tower of Pisa, one dropped and one thrown they would both hit the ground at the same time. This may sound ridiculous, but I have no idea. The initial horizontal velocity of 14 ms-1 is only useful in being less than ms-1 which is the escape velocity from the Earth when the above would not apply! All of these require high-level skills in mathematics, logic, clear reasoning, and physics itself.

In addition, we’re constantly fed the lie that exams aren’t being made easier, but that educational standards are improving. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3. It’s possible to write varied and interesting questions on the basis of A-level physics not hugely more advanced than that given above even questions that an academic theoretical physicist would have to think about can be constructed , but, in A-level exams, students are always presented with exactly the same type of problem. It encourages guessing and is totally unnecessary. I teach 2nd year undergraduate physicists. The questions in the exams are not multiple choice and are far more difficult than the questions here, due to the fact that the exams tend to mix together several aspects of physics in each question. I would appreciate any help in being able to view the actual physics.

Mass spectrometry and Titration Biology: Congratulations to Nuvin comment 58 for using shoa conservation principle rather than just plugging numbers into formulas. Frankly, I am not surprised that few of those in education do not want to study science or pursue a career in science or engineering. Ed Iglehart – you’re right!

Where will it all end!? Given that the forward velocity is stated and, as a general exam rule, all information in the question should be used, I think they are after the total velocity; i.


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It should be pointed out the multiple choice exam for Physics A Level is only 1 of the 3 exams sat. Imagine a parallel world where there are declining numbers of arts students in Britain. Question for Joe Dixon.

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The standards and syllabus for them set from here is it was like in the UK 20 years ago. Now it is usual to do more. So why aren’t those topics suffering? To the commentators who are saying ‘this is more O-level’ – you’re correct, and it’s hardly any surprise.

Once you find Naomi, you end up in a market square. I wish him well in his studies and his future career which, hopefully, will make good use of his education in physics. Perhaps the reason young people do not wish to persue scientific careers is due to the arrogance of the ‘clientele’.

homeworj Simple it is because policy is made by arts graduates, who don’t even know what they don’t know, and so can’t comprehend the sleepwalking into oblivion that this will have the UK in 20 years. It is sad that so few wish to share their subject with the next generation.

The answers are CCA, but I’m last ;- The hint for the last question lies in the first – a vector addition is called for. I have corrected 28 essays this morning and every single one of my pupils has written jaimais instead of jamais.

The lack of respect for science is what annoys me the most. The questions here do not represent the level of A-level Physics today.

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I would be grateful if at this stage you could acknowledge having read this far. If you imagine what happens when you throw a ball across the floor it doesn’t bounce vertically upwards after striking the ground.

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The beauty of science is in understanding- it is in the rigor of the method and the inevitability of the consequences. I could easily gain a couple of marks at the beginning of any exam and then complain at homswork standard. Instead of feeling engaged in the story of the game, I feel like the gameplay which is a lot of fun is just means to move you along a track from story episode to story episode. I’ve just moved into year 13, studying maths, physics, chemistry and computing A-levels and suvat equations are taught right at the beginning of AS physics and maths mechanics.


Every single person I met on my physics degree course would have had sufficient intellect to complete most of the other non-science courses offered, yet I doubt many humanities students again, just an example!

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Hi, thats all very interesting but that piece of music which played at the start of the special report has been driving me mad for months as I know I know it but don’t know what it is – anyone out there cultural aswell as scientific? I think the once excellent Horizon programme was drained of its scientific content a long time ago and its empty skin refilled with televisual eye-candy coated “controversy”, drama and sensationalism.

However, students should not be exposed to uncertainties and the question should be expressed clearly. The questions given to your reporter were ones I had to learn for my first AS module which I took back in January hence why some readers are finding this simple. Newsnght should give an extra prize for anyone who can remember how fast you have to be travelling just above the Earth’s surface before you never hit the ground.

Maybe this is an indication of how recent improvements in exam-driven teaching has improved results. If the answers aren’t the 3 c’s, ie 1 c 2 c 3 c it must be that my slide rule hasn’t adapted to Newtons and metres yet. Speed is the magnitude of the vector.