It is on Blanche’s birthday that Stella, Stanley and Blanche are sitting together at birthday supper. She is a character all about the luxuries of life, she is running away from her past and does not want to face reality that she does not have the fortune she once had. Williams, pp 16 T. A first look 2. Therefore it can be argued Blanche was causing more trouble for herself because she even openly flirted with Stanley by spraying him with her own perfume to get him to like her. Seeing that Mitch has found out about her past, she gives him the most truthful explanation she can of her intimacies with strangers:

Moved by her story, Mitch proposes to Blanche. Later when they are all resembled in the kitchen for the birthday cake, Stanley gives Blanche a “little birthday remembrance. With her fictional past as a teacher of American literature and her former social conditions like the Old South traditions Blanche could be every human being transferring to another culture with different social and traditional backgrounds and customs she has to cope with. And still in today’s society it could happen that someone is suddenly confronted with totally new and different values he has to adapt to. View a FREE sample.

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Later on she teaches American literature at a high school in Laurel. In the 3rd scene, part of the rising action in the play, another proof of her duality is given. Frederic Ungar Publishing Co.

Was Stanley responsible for the downfall of blanche? – A Street car named desire.

Blanche was in control of her own decisions; she chose all the wrong ones which left her vulnerable to more tests and problems. That is the turning point for Blanche in this drama.


And for all upper refinement, Blanche is drawn to Stanley’s emphatic virility at the same that she is petrified of his brutish aggressiveness. Anglicized, Blanche’s name is DuBoys, and under her chaste surface, Blanche lusts for boys” American Studies – Literature Character constellation and character Some weeks later, in the final scene, the conclusion, Stella is packing Blanche’s things in the bedroom while Stanley and his friends play poker in the kitchen.

Yet on the other hand it could be interpreted that Stanley wanted to use her since the start for interrupting his private life and criticising it.

Like an orchard in spring. And for the first time the polka music is fading out for Blanche and with Mitch she has got new hope. Comparably, her clothes reflect her divided nature- mothlike white for day and red satin robe for intimacy. Table of contents 1. Distant polka music is heard as she recalls how, on the dance floor, she confronted her husband with her discovery of his homosexuality: She was admitted in a mental institute.

But Stanley denies her even that solace; her face-saving “lies and deceit and tricks. It is on Blanche’s birthday that Stella, Stanley and Blanche are sitting together at birthday supper. Overall I think that Blanche is to blame for her own downfall however not wholly, as I think Stanley aided her on her way and brought her past back on her to ruin any chances of Mitch getting married to her or living nnamed comfortable life after lying to him, his wife and friends of her past.

In the following 2nd scene we get to know about Blanches pathological bathing. A young man comes to collect newspapers while she is waiting. Or at least conforming his old values when he seeks for acceptation in his new environment. At that news, Blanche doqnfall to meet Stella la on the sidewalk and tells her that maybe Stanley is “what we need to mix with our blood now that we’ve lost Belle Reve and have to go on without Bell Reve to protect us ” 8.


She comes from a family of French origin.

streetcar named desire blanches downfall essay

Blanche DuBois alone uses correct grammar and varied syntax. Secondary Sources -Bloom, Harald ed. Bibliography Primary Sources -Williams, Tennessee.

A Streetcar Named Desire Essay | Essay

In the esay A Streetcar Named Desire, Tennessee Williams gives the main characters of the story tragic flaws which ultimately bring them down. She depends on men although she says to Stella that Stanley is not good for her happiness; however she thinks that men will lead to her recovery like contacting Shep Huntleigh for financial help however this means that her fate is in the hands of others. She was forced to face reality and she could not handle this leading her blajches go insane this was portrayed by Williams by making Blanche talk about a man named Shep Huntleigh, who will take her away on a luxurious trip.

Everyday-life in our society depends so much on our ego. He offers his arm. Sorry, but copying text is not allowed on this site.

Blanche made all the wrong choices after all of these misfortunes, she was not a victim she chose the wrong path after every situation which made her downfall inevitable.

streetcar named desire blanches downfall essay