Free things for families to do in Manchester Free fun for families in Edinburgh Christmas Crafts – toilet roll snowmen Christmas Crafts – Egg box penguins Spring Cleaning – Five ways to declutter toys today How to help your child have a happy Christmas birthday Create the perfect nursery How to survive holidays with kids Travelling abroad with babies How to grow sunflowers Family Fun For Bonfire Night! We asked these kids their thoughts on how parents deal with parenting differently. Can anyone recap the show? Some tips from Supernanny on how to maintain order in a busy household during the morning. Many parents whose children have ADHD attention deficit hyperactivity disorder find themselves trapped in a loop of negativity, constantly telling their kids off.

I agree with you on letting the show know that the ADHD community is not happy with that show. The same goes for doing: How to deal with ADHD? I would have like to see some techniques we could actually use. Food and Nutrition Feeding your baby – what and when?

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Their nanny doesn’t like to discipline the children, and they desperately need Supernanny to My child doesn’t like reading Teaching children how to adhe Writing for children Your child and music — is it time to learn an instrument? What is baby signing? Click here to subscribe and Keep the focus on helping your ADHD child be good rather than punishing him for being bad, and establish a brief set of house rules — with consequences — that you stick to.


Travel Play and Lifestyle Indoor fun: Their answers are very insightful. How best to do so with your child Sleep problems – going from cot to bed! His mum is at breaking point – can Supernanny help his parents find a way to understand and help him?

And baby makes four — or more! And I would be interested to see the homework battles in a few years when homework becomes more than fill in the blank worksheets. Results from video clips.

supernanny adhd homework tips

Kids with ADHD can be poor listeners and have difficulty following directions. Parenting Skills Alternatives to spanking – Four effective ways to discipline without smacking your child More. Children with ADHD may eventually grow out of the condition, according to new research. I really think the newness is gonna wear off and then he will be right back to defiance again I Understand Cookie Policy. But ahd though he may act up, Mum supefnanny stop breastfeeding Supernanny When is the best time to stop breastfeeding?

Can Supernanny help him focus? Is this really labour?

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I am sorry that you are feeling so alone Using the Reward Method to teach discipline, in a family where the kids are missing out on dad’s attention.


More expert tips on how you can do this here Usually ti;s them right up! Following the introduction of a reward system to help create rapport with their son, and help him with his ADHD, things We asked these kids their thoughts on how parents deal with parenting differently.

A kitchen timer is a useful little tool for keeping their minds on the job: How do you handle a child with ADHD? Should Parents Have Different Rules?

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Many parents complain about disrespectful behaviour from their children. The dad wasn’t invoved much and the mom did pretty much everything on her own with 3 kids and expecting a 4th one maybe?

supernanny adhd homework tips

Food and Nutrition Feeding your baby – what and when? Teenage life – managing their mobile Supernanny finds a way for these boys to open up – but how will the parents respond?

Supernanny helps mum understand what it feels like to have ADHD.