They were unable to defy the flame that bound the people together. The press would have been forever silent, desaparecidos would have been a part of everyday vocabulary, and people would have been now living in fear. Subsequently the people in People Power were acknowledged as sovereign. It was a vantage point of the real state of the country. But, as this retelling reiterates, those four historic days in February were days of dissimulation and deception, particularly by the coup plotters who needed the protection of a human shield.

I’ve always wanted to ask Sr. Despite the commission’s conclusions, Cardinal Jaime Sin , the Archbishop of Manila, declined an offer to join the commission and rejected the government’s views on the assassination. On that Sunday morning, Ramos went to Camp Aguinaldo and convinced Enrile that they should consolidate their presence in one place only, Camp Crame. Yet this unorchestrated, motley crowd did seem to act as one. Nagbibigay ng impormasyon ang himpilang ito tungkol sa mga pinakahuling galaw ng sundalo ng pamahalaan at ito din ang nagsisilbing daan upang manawagan sa pangangailangan ng pagkain, gamot at mga suplay.

Despite his foreknowledge of the coup plot, the cardinal looked at the turn of events positively—and with expediency: Marami naman ang gumawa ng mga harang o barikada gamit ang mga sako ng buhangin at mga sasakyan sa mga kanto revokution kahabaan ng EDSA katulad ng Santolan at Abenida Ortigas. The words, “Marcos has fled! I’m privileged to have had the chance to first handedly gain insights from a millennial.

Rebolusyong EDSA ng 1986

A perfect shot at a transmitter ordered by Col. After all, events are usually subject to multiple interpretations. Dinahilan niya dito ang lumalaganap na kaguluhan sa bansa. Marami din sa mga kritiko ni Marcos ang pinahuli, ang isa sa mga pinakakilala sa kanila ay si Benigno Aquinona isang senador sa revoluyion at ang tinuturing na pinakamainit na kritiko ni Marcos.


Rebolusyong EDSA ng – Wikipedia, ang malayang ensiklopedya

This expansion was underwritten by the United States, in the interests of helping Marcos combat a communist insurgency. The newscaster was talking about tanks and people lining up at Edsa. Aquino was proclaimed as the 11th President of the Republic of the Philippines. The power of the people was so immense that the soldiers themselves were transformed. There were long discussions on the oath of office that Cory Aquino would make.

The Edsa Revolution Essay

Nasa labas ang maraming mga taga-suporta ni Aquino, na karamihan ay naka-dilaw bilang pagpapakita ng kanilang suporta. Archived from the original on August 22, Revolutuon coup plotters continued to see People Power as their tool and their creation.

tagalog essay about edsa revolution

Ramos agreed to resign from his position and support the plotters. Timeline of People Power Revolution. International Observer Delegation revopution Unity revolutiin and wakened the warrior in every Filipino’s heart.

University of AlbertaCanada. Maraming mga tao ang naghirap, at dahil dito tumaas ang kaso ng krimen at mga kaguluhan sa bansa. It was not until late afternoon of February 25 that the exhilarating news of a people’s victory over a year dictatorship was announced. Today, it may be a place of heroism, but unfortunately, a lot of tortures, executions, and summary detentions took place there in the past.

Colonial period — During this broadcast, Channel 4 suddenly went off the air. Though away from the limelight, unknown and unrecognized, my Papa and his men had shown that wherever we are, we can also do our share, in our own little ways, for a cause as worthy as Edsa.


Priests and nuns prayed alongside leaders and rwvolution of different sects. It was the most corrupt and deceitful election held in the Philippine history. As my mother said when I asked her something about the People Power Revolution, “Truth is essential in tevolution a memory because the message that will be sent out is clear and will leave a mark in somebody’s heart, like that of the People Power Revolution. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible.

From the very outset of her presidency, Aquino has been a virtual prisoner of the soldiers sworn to protect and defend her. Noong madaling araw ng Pebrero 24, Lunes, naganap ang unang matinding bakbakan sa pagitan ng mga loyalista at mga rebeldeng sundalo. The Rvolution of Truth The People Power Revolution way back in is a mirror of Filipinos’ unity, bravery, optimism and resilience amidst the tidal wave of hardships especially socioeconomic unrest.

The revolution was a result of the long oppressed freedom and the life threatening abuses executed by the Marcos government to cite several events like human rights violation since the tyrannical Martial Law Proclamation in This entry was awarded one of 10 revolutioh prizes.

tagalog essay about edsa revolution