The problem is that the Edexcel Speaking mark scheme does not really mention either. If you are reading this because you want to improve your feedback then hopefully you find something new to try. The questions the teacher needs to ask are as follows:. The big question with the sheet is: In James’ school, there are set Prep sessions with subjects allocated specific slots.

My current year 10 were set the following last week:. Arttesano via Compfight cc. I teach German and one thing I have been trying to do is to link new learning to old learning at every opportunity. Underlining an entire piece of work in different highlighters. In the News Great idea from Science.

I have been teaching my year 9s the future tense and the conditional. There are some brilliant worksheets out there on websites such as TES and the excellent Frenchteacher.

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Homeworl, pause, pounce, bounce To ensure that whole-class questioning improves and that pupils are thinking and speaking at a much higher level try this: However, we are language teachers and so the homework should be proportional to what we do.

Flashcards and mindmaps equally so. Arttesano via Compfight cc.

Just as feedback and marking should drive learning forward; homework should do the same! We know from research by people such as John Hattie that feedback can takeawzy incredibly important. Suddenly we have a situation where the feedback informs the next piece of work. The Language Gym focuses quite heavily on conjugation.


This is taksaway because I want to see if they can do it outside the classroom without me and also to reinforce the material at a later date.

Even the ones that get more yellow than green benefit as they still appreciate knowing that at least some of it was right! With critique, students continue […].

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Then the students need to do something with the knowledge to reinforce it, otherwise it is just another video. Sometimes pupils must do something specific eg vocabulary revision but generally all homeworks are taekaway free choice from the menu.

Scores of anything higher and they might need to consider the occasional full stop! The Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve suggests they will have lost some of it after the lesson so this is my attempt to fight the curve!

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At the unistructural level one aspect of the task is picked up, and student understanding is […]. She then gets on with exercises that challenge, extend, consolidate and taekaway her learning.

Some of the below would be top of my list! The next chapter does not reinforce them at all.

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If you need convincing of the effect you can have then read this. I tend to teach the students as much as possible about how to learn vocabulary early on.


Looking at the books, they have found that the students improved and their confidence was boosted by this process. Sometimes the grammar book used is not the regular one e. James stated that there had been mixed feedback although generally good at year 7, but that year 8 more negative. If you are reading this because you want to improve your feedback then hopefully you find something new to try.

The problem is that the Edexcel Speaking mark scheme does not really mention either. They care about the next piece. Prove to me beyond all reasonable doubt. The issue now is sorting out the past and present tenses!!

takeaway homework mfl

Taking feedback on board, pupils now have printouts for their books and it is also on his door in case they lose it. A couple of colleagues in another department have recently experimented setting the same vocabulary for weeks with lower ability classes.

takeaway homework mfl

The pupils could be set a tarif of 50 points so they could do 5 x 10 mcl tasks or one 50 pointer. Schools vary on this. Some would like to drop their marking pile in a woodchipping machine.