College of Nursing and Health Sciences. Individual programs may have additional credit hour requirements. Non-degree students must consult with the Marine Biology Program Coordinator to determine those courses in which they may enroll and those courses they may later apply to a Marine Biology degree, should they be admitted into the program. Certification or licensure requirements are subject to change. The student is responsible for scheduling the defense with the faculty involved. Guidance can be found in the Marine Biology Student Handbook www. A student may not register for more than 6 hours of course work in a single session of summer school without the approval of the dean of the college in which the student is majoring.

Students must submit a completed application for graduation to the Office of Admissions and Records by the deadline indicated in the Academic Calendar. Requests for a leave of absence must be approved in advance by the faculty advisor, the Program Coordinator, the College Dean, and the Graduate Dean. Committee members may participate remotely if necessary, but must be present for the entire oral exam. A student may petition to graduate under a subsequent catalog under which credit was earned because of a preference to meet newer degree requirements. A student must achieve a cumulative 3. Repetition of a Course to Raise a Grade: College of Graduate Studies.

Individual programs may have additional credit dissedtation requirements. A student who fails the defense may repeat it once, but only after an interval of four months or more, and will be required to re-enroll in MARB – Dissertation Submission. In addition to the general Transfer of Credit Policy, specific requirements must be met for courses that may transfer for terminal degree credit.

Any exceptions to these rules must have the approval of the Graduate Dean. However, the headings and subheadings must be formatted to use this option.


Marine Biology, PhD

A course in which the final grade is a B may be repeated for a higher grade only with the permission of the Graduate Dean. Revalidation requests should be submitted on the Revalidation Request Form and accompanied by a written justification, updated degree plan, revalidation plan, and documentation used for revalidation. Students enrolled in programs leading to certification or licensure must meet all current certification and licensure requirements, regardless of the catalog chosen.

All grades received for the course will be computed in the grade point average.

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If a student wishes to change a degree program, the student must submit an application for admission, pay the application fee, and comply with all program requirements as identified under the University and Degree Program Graduate Admission Criteria.

After being accepted into the MARB program and enrolling, the most important first step is forming the graduate advisory committee GAC.

For more information, contact the Program Specific Coordinator. College of Nursing and Health Sciences.

Program: Curriculum and Instruction, PhD – Texas A&M University Corpus Christi – Acalog ACMS™

Terminal degree students will be required to continuously register in courses for a minimum period vissertation one academic year, or longer if specified by the requirements of the program. Message from the President. The completed Teaching Assistant Application http: Please see the appropriate college or program section of the catalog for specific requirements. Individuals unable to pass the written examination s may be permitted to retake the exam when sufficient time has doctorao to allow students to address inadequacies emerging from the first examination.

Specific program requirements can be found in the appropriate sections of the catalog.

tamucc doctoral dissertation

College of Nursing and Health Sciences. Please consult the specific program for details. IP is considered acceptable with respect to the minimum grade requirement. For Additional Information Website: Coctoral on Scholastic Probation: Students must submit a completed application for graduation to the Office of Admissions and Records by the deadline indicated in the Academic Calendar.


EDLD 6397 – Dissertation Research

Academic and Dissertatipn Services. A graduate student may receive a degree upon satisfying the requirements of the catalog under which the student enrolled in the program, provided the catalog is no more than seven years old when the degree is conferred and the University still offers programs and required curriculum described in that catalog. Select at least one of the following: Students experiencing life changing or catastrophic events are encouraged to consult with their department chair and request a leave of absence in writing from the College of Graduate Studies, especially if the Recency of Credit Rule will be impacted.

The majority of the doctoral degree plan course work must be doctoral-level courses. The signature of the student is required on degree plans. Back to Top Print-Friendly Page. If conducting research dissertztion Human Subjects, the completion of this training program is required. The Graduate Faculty Representative will not be required to attend or evaluate materials related to the comprehensive examination.

For Additional Information Website: Courses beyond the semester hour limit will need to be retaken. The following rule applies to these courses, with the exception of degrees offered jointly.