Based on the novel above, state one lesson that you can learn from this novel and give reasons for your choice. At least I won’t feel like I am talking to a wall Crime was becoming a usual thing in London. Her love for him driver her to hire the best known detective, Sherlock Holmes, to prove his innocence. I don’t understand about the interesting event and how to answer the questions. Anyway, why don’t you try to see whether there are other interesting events as well and try to write you answer using my answer template? By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

John Turner visited Holmes and Watson. Alice loves James and understands him well enough to know that he is a kind person who is incapable of killing another human being, let alone his own father. The point of view in The Boscombe Valley Mystery is First Person because the narrator of this story is Watson, he tells his own story, but only insofar as that story relates to Mr. Joseph Bell, whose keen power of observation would later inspired Doyle to create his famed fictional detective character, Sherlock Holmes. Social circumstances in Victorian era. Yes dear, it’s quite the same.. Twenty years later, his past caught up with him when Charles McCarthy recognized him and started to blackmail him.


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Thus, Holmes and Watson finally knew that Mr. This is my personal blog for my students and other students as well. He knew that John Turner was Black Jack from Ballarat, a group of notorious robbers that robbed stagecoaches carrying gold from Australia.

We must be responsible mystwry all our actions because one day, this past mistake will come charaxters to us and we have to pay a high price for it. I’m a practical teacher from shah alam.

TABULA RASA: THE BOSCOMBE VALLEY MYSTERY- Part 1 (Character / Moral Values / Theme)

He helped James McCarthy to leave prison. All of you can call me Teacher Intan Crime was becoming a usual thing in London. We should learn from these characters that true love does triumph in the end. I have updated and you can find the sample answer in my latest post.

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