This led to some of the complications that manifested later in the project. This would help the people to take their personal vehicles on the train without having to drive through the long underground tunnel. Despite outstanding litigation involving claims from both TML and Eurotunnel, the glory was shared and the internal disputes were not publicized. A technical advisor was introduced and the engineering directorate was disbanded. However, because of the length of the Channel Tunnel, such kind of huge system did not exist at that time. The undersea tunnels were to be an average of 50 m below the seabed. Unfortunately, many of the details of these achievements have been lost in time.

Since privatisation and private funding for common infrastructure will no doubt be a de facto preference in the coming decades, the role of the government supervisory body must be moulded to be complementary and beneficial to these projects. Realistic material behaviour must be an important consideration in the design of the fire protection systems of a tunnel to protect the integrity of the tunnel in a fire, particularly for tunnels built through poor ground condition. Company took this challenge and designed the system to meet the requirements. Moreover, the significant scope creep and management delays resulted in significant claims from the contractors. Engineering the Channel Tunnel pp. The project team were able to understand the complexity and were able to use previous research on the soil, but in the end, the lack of continued focus on the scope resulted in the frustrations of trying to do too much.

the chunnel project case study pmp

Click here to Collapse all. The Treaty described the construction and operation of the Chunnel by private organizations.

The Channel Tunnel (Chunnel) Project Case Study

Important specifications relating to safety and quality had to be expressed in culturally sensitive language, while remaining binding and specific Lemley. Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology, 1. The initial cost models were based on the assumption that the tunnels would be completed on time and thereby generate revenue.


Even from a project management perspective, the project offers many takeaways from first-hand experience, which should not be ignored. It is common industry knowledge that underground construction projects cgunnel extremely risky and uncertain PMI.

First proposal for private transportation companies to use the tunnel denied for safety reasons. In fact, many of the main problems with the Channel Tunnel project could be said to stem from the need to break up the monolithic credit risk involved. The most apparent delay was due to the delay in procuring financing.

Each party was interested only on its own priorities rather than focusing on a common solution that would favour all. Flyvberg recommends methods like reference-class forecasting and improved transparency and accountability in future projects to avoid such cost overruns. The delays and cost overruns are only the signs of the disorganized management, which is the deep reason of the problem. The challenges were exacerbated by the bi-national division of labour and project management.

In retrospect, if estimation of costs had been done correctly, it could have been that a different bidder and proposal could have rightfully won the project. A Project Management Perspective As the project evolved into the tunneling phase, the organization got more decentralized.

Also, the oil crises due to the Yom Kippur war and the boycott of the Arab countries providing oil to the west had caused financial instability that almost led to the cancellation of the project. View Section, Case Study: The distance between the trains and the walls of the Chunnel was shorter than in most tunnels. Legal disputes and conflicts The fire which occurred in the Channel Tunnel caused the tunnel being unavailable from September and February incurring a full year loss to Eurotunnel over disputes on insurance payments by Eurostar and SNFC.


the chunnel project case study pmp

History The history of the Channel Tunnel began more than a few centuries ago. McFarlane, Andrew 12 September The trains could change tunnels through two artificial caverns known as the English and French Crossovers.

On top of this, the technology and scale of the Channel Tunnel project was also casr and untested. The Chunnel – Project Management Retrospective.

the chunnel project case study pmp

TML accused Eurotunnel of suspending the payment of the completed works and as a result, the banks refused to provide the next withdrawal until the two parties were brought into agreement thereby cutting all financial resources to Eurotunnel.

The IGC was primarily concerned with the design and delivery of objectives which were relevant to the Chunnel Concession.

(PDF) The Chunnel – Project Management Retrospective | Naveen Srivatsav –

The following table details the breakdown of the yearly estimate for the year In this case, the importance of the early project phases is shown perfectly. Boring Under the Channel: This was essentially a risk-averse strategy, helping to reserve government funds.

However, one of chunne TBMs did not function well, leading to a lot of delays in exchanging and switching equipment.

Some solutions to this were discussed earlier. However, all efforts had been stopped due to political differences between the British and French rulership at the time. This issue then should be a lesson for future projects – to ensure the unique needs of certain projects that are not shared by others.

The Channel Tunnel case shows that the project management plays a significant role in all the phases of a project.