Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website. Saints The Roughnecks and the Saints: In clearer words, Herb and Jack broke off the deviance pattern, whereas Jerry could not. According to strain theory, also known as anomie theory, there are five possible reactions to the normative goals prescribed by society. Chambliss sets out to try and determine what types of sociological forces are at work that cause these boys to be perceived and treated so differently.

Because the Saints come from wealth, they have nicer appearances, nicer cars and better manners than the Roughnecks. The Saints and the Roughnecks Essay Sample. The two groups though belong to the same age brackets were truly different from each other. Chambliss too seems to believe that the socioeconomic status of the boys was a primary driver of how they were perceived and treated in society. Click to learn more https:

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the saints and the roughnecks essay

However, this can be achieved without much influence but the rate at which a child acquires these skills may be slower. On the other hand, the Roughnecks name ignited a bad reputation on this particular group. Order A Custom Written Essay. The article on Roughnecks and Saints created a general perspective of the modern day clicks and gangs. Teenagers themselves often see adolescence as an exciting time, a time of new power and more independence.


Saints and Roughnecks Essay

While a person’s sees beyond his everyday life as the cause…. Briefly in general what happened to the Saints after high school?

Thus, this may have caused anomie, which Robert Merton used to describe a society where means and goals are not harmonious to a point in which a esasy is caused between them.

Saints and Roughnecks was the title given to Chambliss’ study in which he found that class and not crime often determines a person’s reputation in the society and his fate with the police.

When the boys were stopped, the boys were well mannered, and craftily played their roles of the being good guys, and would be let off with a warning; however, these boys were not as good as they ewsay perceived. The Saints are the rich, well-mannered delinquents who seem to get away with just about everything, and the Roughnecks thf the poor, ill-mannered delinquents who are constantly getting in trouble with their teachers, the law and the community in general.

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For example, the Saints were able to talk their way out of trouble because of their status in society. The Saints self-esteem is consistently reinforced with positive labels and accolades, which allows them to succeed in life. To that end, many individuals in other countries….

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Theory of Social Development. But some teenagers feel that it is also a daunting time, filled with tje concerns about their self-identity and self-worth.

One of the greatest challenges a individual face each twenty-four hours is the ability to confront the whole universe. The article describes two groups of high school students, both of whom engage regularly in delinquent behaviors, but are perceived and treated entirely differently by society. These boys are repeatedly told that they are going to make something of themselves because they have good grades and speak well and stay out of trouble with the law.

the saints and the roughnecks essay

To that end, many individuals in other countries… Pages: Part of turning up includes childhood and adolescence which will convey us into maturity. The Differential Association Theory theorizes that criminal behaviors are learned through communication with interpersonal groups.

The Saints versus The Roughnecks: A Sociological Study

In assigning values to both groups, members outside xaints these groups most likely impacted the groups’ futures, according to Chambliss. Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website! We are now concentrating on the human image of the individual instead than the image of the society.