Wellbeing based on sensory oneness, perceived in an environment where objects have not been designed for appearance alone, but also for the way they feel, sound, smell and — naturally — the way they look. Lancia invested heavily in the Thesis and, unlike the predecessor the Kappa which shared an automobile platform with the Alfa Romeo , the Thesis was designed with its own chassis [5]. It warns of overtaking vehicles and any potentially dangerous obstacles on the road, as well as monitoring cruising speed and safety distances, and keeping the car in its lane. The journey toward comfort in the third millennium begins with the passenger compartment: The active front suspension features a feeling management system — and a model reference monitoring and test system is also fitted.

The brake is always on when the car is at a standstill and is released automatically when the car sets off. The whole form is plump and carries telling details of bi-xenon headlights and multi-LED blades of tail-lamp – a comfortably fed and well-jewelled car like the folk who’ll drive it [5] “. Thesis was replaced starting from by a new flagship sedan, based on the next-generation Chrysler , re-branded in continental Europe as the Lancia Thema [1] [9]. The roof is covered by a cashmere and silk mix cloth. In the latter case, the driver changes gear by operating buttons on the steering wheel. These owe their name to the fact that the beam changes direction, intensity, divergence and light distribution pattern according to car speed, type of road, the position of other cars oncoming cars and cars in front and atmospheric conditions.

Captions Captions English Add a one-line explanation of what this file represents. The headlamps automatically adapt light beam intensity to external conditions.

It passes through the centre of the wheel with the result that obstacles such as potholes or rough patches do not cause the steering wheel to turn or vibrate. Once thedis down, the seat moves back in and round into the driving position. The central monitor is used for seeing behind the car to eliminate blind spots. The front panelling below the facia, seat squab backs and the low part of the flaps are trimmed with softwood, a film of real wood bonded to a layer of resin and foam.


If the file has been modified from its original state, some details such as the timestamp may not fully reflect those of the original file. Any anomalies are communicated to the motorist on the display. Description Lancia Thesis Centenario bicolore. The car has also a minibar with refrigeratormultimedia system with GPS navigation system, internet access, fax machine and a DVD player.

An on-board computer system with micro-TV camera and radar provides all information required for comprehensive monitoring of the road. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy. The car recognises the driver and adapts to his or her habits: Because there are no outlets, fan speed and noise is reduced for an overall bicolre in efficiency.

Lancia Thesis (lancia thesis centenario bicolore)

All this information is transferred to control systems on the car robotised transmission, active differentialwhich adapt to the situation in hand to ensure greater safety and better performance. Yet the facia is not in the normal place, but tucked away at the bottom where it cannot get in the way. The front door opens immediately, the car moves up or down according to the height of the motorist and the seat turns moves outward to receive the driver.

In the former, the driver bicolord the pushbuttons on the steering wheel to change gear cenetnario indications appear on the onboard monitor.

The merit also goes to the Top Climate System, which measures the outside temperature, humidity and pollution, and creates and memorises the bicollre cabin climate.

Current models Ypsilon III. The robotised Egomode gearbox with learning function can work semi-automatically or automatically. These hints are immediately denied by an interplay of smooth curves and rounded edges, that speaks a completely new and appealing stylistic language. A big panel made up of three When riding over an obstacle, the wheel moves back to reduce interference transmitted to the body and thus perceived vibrations. The system also allows centehario to adjust heating to their own requirements.


thesis bicolore centenario

All of these are warm and designed to reflect a home-like atmosphere. The space is flexible because it can be converted at will into a passenger compartment where one can bicolorr in the greatest imaginable comfort, a lounge for conversation, a place of entertainment with the option of listening to good music or watching a video, or even a place for study and work. Simply lean back to listen to the sound.

thesis bicolore centenario

The back seat is also fitted with a socket for a personal mobile phone, while the head-restraint is fitted with headphones for listening to music. The steering wheel is fitted with a thesus of buttons to control turn signals, hazard warning flashers, horn, semi-automatic transmission functions and the voice function, which activates vocal commands. The seats are trimmed with nabuk, a soft, fluffed leather similar to chamois.

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Concerning the design, Lancia’s chief designer said “People will be looking for excuses not to buy this car. Every part is made out of top-quality material and chosen with care to express centenairo unfussy taste.

thesis bicolore centenario

This is then used automatically for different driving styles sporty or touring — or even on different cars equipped with the same system. In conclusion, CAR’s Horrell summed up the Thesis as being “far more accurate and even agile than it has any right to be [5].

Screens and keyboards, minibar, table and document holders can appear at will from the clean, uncluttered lines of the interior. These conditions can be customised and memorised.