It’s brutal out there. You’re being downvoted by plenty of people who have devoted their lives to pleasing the spouse that beats them, aka the academic profession. On the contrary, you are probably spectacular, due to the manic professionalization of the literary disciplines meant to create Ph. You may not end up an academic for the rest of your life. In the old days, only the upper classes could send their second, third, n-th sons to uni to read books. I even wrote about her for a Rhodes Scholarship application as an 18 year old college student!

This site uses cookies. By the time you finish—if you even do —your academic self will be the culmination of your entire self, and thus you will believe, incomprehensibly, that not having a tenure-track job makes you worthless. Skip to secondary content. Look, smarty-pants, let me put this in overcomplicated language you can understand: To slightly re-frame what you said:

What if you are writing your dissertation knowing that there is a good chance that the most people will care about it is a few months before your defense, and that because it is part of their academic duty? Faculty at such highly-ranked research institutions use graduate students because such high-achieving graduate students 1. It was brutal even for them. To spell it out, he thought he was dealing with a desperate and almost totally powerless academic… and not somebody with a large platform, a highly-marketable in certain circles manuscript, and plenty of competing options.

I am always honored when honest people are willing to reveal their vulnerabilities and to let readers, strangersinto their lives. KKKKkkkk1 on Apr 1, Apparently even probability professors can fall into the trap of ignoring all but the first moment of a probability distribution.


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I didn’t have a CS degree and I went sslate no-name schools and had no contacts in SV, so I spent a lot of time cold applying until someone took a chance on me. At bottom it is very hard to explain.

Apparently even probability professors can fall into the trap of ignoring all but the first moment of a probability distribution. During graduate school, you will be broken down and reconfigured in the image of the academy. Granted, maybe it did: I received my doctorate in English Language and Literature in and landed a tenure-track job.

The lie many faculty tell themselves is that such students are apprentices to the profession. Most my colleagues graduated from R1s.

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At their worst they may be grounded in selfish ambition, at their best, perhaps a love of humanity and progress, a sense that we can actually contribute something to the world around us, and that a Ph.

AnimalMuppet on Apr 1, But there is also the mystery. Are able and thrilled to teach the low-level classes e. This is about humanities PhDs, written by a lit PhD. Those PhD selection committees and professors have an obligation to at the very least, educate students on the truth, much as a doctor must tell patients that smoking is bad for them or that they need to run more.

If I am doing proper research, I do not know how it will come out, and so I cannot say how it will affect the world. Programs don’t keep track of them, there is a general disdain for anything not tenure-track, there are no “scripts” to prepare students.


Illustration by Luke Pearson. This essay originally misspelled William Pannapacker’s last name.

There are no academic jobs and getting a Ph.D. will make you into a horrible person: A jeremiad.

If a literature PhD isn’t going to land you a six-figure job then maybe it should re-calibrate its tuition and time expectations to be something that a professionally active adult can pursue simultaneous to their career.

Actual interactions with faculty and other students are what the university provides.

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But there is one sort of reward you will never get: For those in pure mathematics Analysis, Algebra, Topology, etc. In when I began my own Ph. I would have made it much more about adjuncting and less about my anger or, at any rate, I would have channeled my anger to talk about adjuncting more, and better. When I started, inthe market harement fantastic but wasn’t as catastrophically bad as it’s become.

What if, to make matters worse, you have moderate levels of OCD and depression that complicate these things. I find it brave and exhilarating hahement other people do it.

Schadenfreude: An Interview with Rebecca Schuman

There is such hatemebt huge disconnect between people humanities professors and humanities PhDs who are successful but did not seek to become a professor. In fact, most of the research that I had been doing was applicable in some way or another.

Not sure being an emotional wreck and being a horrible person are necessarily equivalent