As the time changed so the thoughts and perspectives of them also changed. Indian Womanist Writing 3. Finally, I will mention some metaphors used by Hariharan, but since this should be a subject to a wider analysis, I will keep my ideas very short. Githa Hariharan gives us a realistic account of what seems a trivial event. He showed what he meant with his production of the Draupadi story. Uma the cousin of Devi, marries into a household of drunken husband and father-in-law, who even misbehaves and his attitudes makes her to leave her household. The works of Githa Hairharan carry their special significance in the present scenario.

She was born in Coimbatore and received a liberal education in leading public institutions in Bombay, Manila and United States. And she had won some small victory- if you could call it by such a grand name- through that ragged belief she carried within her, she snarls and sulks, thought Devi with wonder, but she has no bitterness. She shows how women in Indian myths lived and could make their place in their society. Sita renewing her long lost relationship with her discarded veena is a significant step towards inner healing. Gandhari is an example of a woman who turns her anger against herself. In India, the contribution of women writers are well in their contribution is immense. In Gujarat, for instance, doctoral candidates are being told what kind of thesis topic they should pick.

thesis on githa hariharan

Her new book is a collection of her own essays, AlmostHome: We are not just talking about the right of writers to speak or publish, but of the right of women to walk alone or go out at night, the right of Dalits to live in decent conditions, the right of Muslims to eat what they like, etc. Bibliography 1 Introduction The Thousand Faces of Night is not just a womanist novel but it is a definite feminist writing in which myths are revisioned, rewrote, and retold from a female point of view.


We are trying to understand, for example, what is happening to the field of education.

Mythology and reality in Githa Hariharan’s “The thousand faces of night”

What lives women are fated to lead is again expressed. Amba, the princess, along with her sisters Ambika and Ambalika were kidnapped by Bheeshma, on the day of their Swayamvara.

thesis on githa hariharan

Thus, these three have gitja own notions of identity, which they try to realise in their own ways. K A Kader Aki Author. She dismissed the discomfort, my shyness in the face of a body that was now strange to me But they could see Manorama through the windows; she was slapped, pulled by the hair, and thrown to the ground.

She changesthings according to her own choice. She could not adjust with Mahesh or Gopal and leaves them as they failed to recognise her as an individual. Gutha by her lover, she turns to Bheeshma, but he refuses to marry her narrating his vow of celibacy to his stepmother. Kakatiya Journal of English Studies23 She found his replica in their son.

What unites Mayamma and Devi is their bleeding bodies?. The works of Githa Hairharan carry their special significance in the present scenario.

“When Bodies Speak,” by Githa Hariharan | World Literature Today

Showalter in her work A Literature of their Own traces the slow and steady process of this protest against the male domination in the works tyesis women writers. Thus, instead of happiness and safety, they get tears and insecurity out of their marriage.

This old story still lives in many ways, in the community worship of Draupadi as a village goddess, and in plays, films, art, poetry, novels. She protested silently against male counter parts. So the writer was killed, but then, as you suggested, he was also resurrected by the law, right, after the July High court ruling? She adopts a mixture of revolt and reconciliation while tackling situations.


The two choices Devi has made results in non-fulfilment. Kakatiya Journal of English Studies23 Quite Naturally, She gets attracted towards another hagiharan Gopalwith whom she elopes by breaking thesos chains of marriage and thdsis norms. In the fictional world of Githa Hariharan we see a multi layering of post modern- feminist differences.

Mayamma survived her long suffering life as a wife, daughter-in-law and mother. Damayanthi decided to hold her Swayamvara.

thesis on githa hariharan

Sita had led a life of an ideal woman and she was not prepared for any unexpected betrayal by Devi. She talks about Gandhari, Amba and Ganga who are less known to the contemporary learners instead of talking hariharaan Sita and Savitri. When Devi wants to tell about her life in America, Sita simply smiles and gently stops her.

On the whole, Devi suffers and faces gotha within the institution of marriage. She forces Mayamma to fast every other day and to do penance to change the evil course of her horoscope.

She even fails to pull on with Gopal.