ETNs are generally notes representing debt of the issuer, usually a financial institution. The Shares are not deposits in, obligations of or guaranteed by any bank, are not government guaranteed or insured and are subject to investment risks, including the possible loss of the principal amount invested. No assurance can be given that the Company will be able to identify and complete attractive investments in the future or that it will be able to invest fully its subscriptions. The Policies provide that the Adviser will vote client proxies in a manner that serves the best interest of the client, as determined by the Adviser in its discretion, taking into account relevant factors, including: Investment Funds may take control positions in companies. In the event of static market conditions, statistical arbitrage strategies are less likely to be able to generate significant profit opportunities from price divergences between long and short positions than in more volatile environments.

These typically include securities backed by agency i. This is in addition to the leverage used by individual Investment Funds. The sale of such an option exposes the seller during the term of the option to a decline in price of the underlying security while depriving the seller of the opportunity to invest the segregated assets. The risk of loss with respect to swaps is limited to the net amount of interest payments that the Company or the Investment Fund is contractually obligated to make. Warrants are Derivatives that permit, but do not obligate, their holder to subscribe for other securities or commodities. Conventional registered investment companies, such as mutual funds, generally are subject to significant regulatory restrictions in designing their own investment strategies relating to the use of leverage and the ability to sell securities short.

The leverage embedded in derivative instruments utilized may exacerbate losses should the directional views prove untimely or unfounded, and high turnover may lead to a lower predictability. In connection with any such transaction, the Investment Fund will receive collateral consisting of cash, U.

Convertible bond arbitrage portfolios are typically long volatility.

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These Investment Managers may trade in diversified markets or focus on one market sector. In addition, the Adviser has an active research program with internal analysts who specialize in various strategies.

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To the extent that the portfolio of an Investment Fund is concentrated in securities of a single issuer or issuers in a single industry, the risk associated with any investment decision made by the Investment Manager of such Investment Fund is increased. The Company and the Investment Funds may close out a position when writing options by purchasing an option on the same security with the same exercise price and expiration date as the option that it has previously written on the security.


Investment Funds will invest in these securities when they offer opportunities for capital appreciation or capital depreciation in the case of short positions and may also invest in these securities for temporary defensive purposes and to maintain liquidity. Although the Adviser anticipates that most Investment Funds will invest primarily in publicly traded securities, they may invest a portion of the value of their total assets in restricted securities and other investments that are illiquid.

Such positions do, however, entail a substantial risk that the price differential could change unfavorably, causing a loss to the spread position. Investment decisions for the Investment Funds are made by the Investment Managers independently of each other and may conflict with each other.

To the extent that a general increase or decline in equity values affects the stocks involved in a merger arbitrage position differently, the position may be exposed to loss.

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Credit risk includes the risk that counterparty or an issuer of securities or other financial instruments will be unable to meet its contractual obligations and fail to deliver, pay for or otherwise perform a transaction. There have been cases where final prospectuses are different from drafts and important clauses are misinterpreted, both leading to significant losses for arbitrageurs. The price oltima a convertible bond, like other bonds, changes inversely to changes in interest rates.

The administrative fee with BNYM is equal to approximately. For example, the so-called Volcker Rule limits the ability of banking entities to sponsor, invest in or serve as an investment adviser to hedge funds, which may adversely affect dealings between Investment Funds and banking entities. In the event of static market conditions, statistical arbitrage strategies are less likely to be able to generate significant profit opportunities from price divergences between long and short positions than in more volatile environments.

The Company may agree to indemnify certain of the Investment Funds and their Investment Managers from any liability, damage, cost or expense arising out of, among other things, certain acts or omissions relating to the offer or sale of the Shares.

In consideration of the advisory services provided rhesis the Adviser, the Company pays the Adviser a monthly fee of approximately 0.

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The Adviser is responsible for the allocation of assets of the Company to fhnd Investment Funds, subject to policies adopted by the Board of Directors. The risks of an investment in a CDO largely depend on the type of underlying collateral securities and the tranche in which an Investment Fund invests. All Directors are expected to demonstrate various personal characteristics appropriate to their position, such as the exercise of professional care and business judgment, working cohesively with others while still advocating competing viewpoints, critical analysis and the like.


thesis optima fund prospectus

No assurance can be given that this investment objective will be achieved or that the Company will not lose money. Directors will not contribute to the investment capital of the Company in their capacity as Directors, but may subscribe for Shares, subject to the eligibility requirements described in this Prospectus.

thesis optima fund prospectus

Derivatives are financial instruments that derive their performance, at least in part, from the performance of an underlying asset, index or interest rate. The Company is similar to a private investment fund in that the Company will be actively managed and Shares will be sold in specified minimum denominations solely to high net worth individual and institutional investors.

No Shareholder will have the right to require the Company to redeem his, her or its Shares. The Thdsis will furnish to Shareholders as soon as practicable after the end of each taxable year and calendar year such information as is required by law to assist the Shareholders in preparing their tax returns.

Net Asset Value per Share, end of year:.

Thesis Optima Income B Acc (B8FLKT2.L)

Descriptions of Director experience should not be taken to oprima that any Director is an expert in a particular subject. Furthermore, the effectiveness of such models tends to deteriorate over time as more traders seek to exploit the same market inefficiencies through the use of similar models. Dependence on Key Personnel. The limited number of shares available for trading in some initial public offerings may make it more difficult for an Investment Fund to theis or sell significant amounts of shares without an unfavorable effect on prevailing market prices.

In addition, a company may announce a plan of restructuring which promises to enhance value and fail to implement it, resulting in losses to investors.