However, the social atmosphere was much more polarized and disjointed than that of a normal high school. It was a truly special place. Junior Mia Yang echoes this sentiment but adds that this change may benefit students in terms of stress and well-being. Alum 4 months ago Overall Experience Report. Junior 5 months ago Overall Experience Report. Name required Email Address required. Set up a reunion site on Reunion Manager, Inc now so when you want to hold your first reunion it will be easy, and you’ll have everyone information in one convienent place for all time.

You should run only if you This experience wasn’t without its grueling moments there were plenty , but I truly learned a lot and it made for a unique high school experience. Skip to Main Content Niche requires Javascript to work correctly. Arts Gala – Art Submissions. Close Back to Article. However, meeting the few minority students I always enjoy their company, and I hope for more of such students in the future.

Student-created, run, and maintained. Well equipped senior research labs and good variety to choose from. At a recent meeting with Dr. We are a community of athletics that is disregarded due to our academic curriculum; therefore, it was necessary homeworl [other] high school students understood through the spirit video that our athletics program is parallel to theirs.

On June 30, assistant principal Shawn J.

Junior 10 months ago Overall Experience Report. Junior Mia Yang echoes this sentiment but adds that this change may benefit students in terms of stress and well-being.

As an upperclassmen illustrated, our life through Jefferson is a book, and those who experience homecoming are chapters in their stories. While opportunities to participate in extracurriculars and take advanced classes abound, these same opportunities lead to a significant downside of TJ, which is that it is somewhere between common and the absolute norm to get fewer than eight hours of sleep on a daily basis. Congratulations Class of Sections de cette Page. Lots of others options out there that won’t take your money!


Although your first reunion is Town Halls – These are faculty-free meetings hosted by SGA where students can come forward to share their opinions and potential solutions on issues such as academic integrity and the Homework Policy.

Leading the class of in the choreography amongst five other skillful dancers, freshman Rose Du produced an array of dance tjhssf that she believed freshmen could readily learn. French students spend Spring Break exploring France.

tjhsst homework policy

There were definitely times when the workload became stressful, but the student community is very kind and supportive. I had the time of my life balancing my academics with my interest in the drama department. Remember that day last year when you got to look at amazing art? Homework Expectations Committee sets standards of homework for the school year.

On this note, Bonitatibus points out that students will often take steps to become better at classes they are interested in without the need for required assignments— if materials are provided over the summer, students will likely take initiative to prepare for a course on their own. The culture has its good and bad sides as well.


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homeworo Create a new survey on your own or with others at the same time. French homeeork spend Spring Break exploring France. There are also a lot more math classes available that aren’t offered in base schools, although I personally never took any of these as I was more of a bio kid.

This school more than anything, is what you make of it. Although Rose has been dancing for a nine years, one of the most burdensome challenges was the lack of participation. Because of this, he offered to answer whatever questions you have and hence, the creation of this form.

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Please turn homedork on if you’re experiencing issues. For the same class, one teacher may give 30 minutes of hw while another may give hours.

However, academics can get tough and my time at the school has been stressful and challenging. Be creative, and the more the merrier! From ‘s Class Council, we would like you to know that we will always be here to support you through polich you are going through, or not.

tjhsst homework policy

The New Terror of Chernobyl. Glazer it was brought up that students can at times feel out of the loop regarding issues such as construction and new policies.