Next is the important notes on the possible issues which is of great help. But having said that TCP, I found, was just about the cheapest on the market, which was a nice bonus. I had failed twice with 19 and 17 marks while I had read Especially calculation practices, discussion forum, past papers, industry examples, real case issues and industry examples etc. For the above reasons, I really recommend them to anyone who wants to pass from the first time with reasonable effort. It is very different from all the other CIMA exams and TCP understand this and offer their students the best means of passing the exam.

You just need to follow the steps provided and for sure you will pass the exam. I would like to thank the entire Nanasaka team for being so supportive throughout this course. The pre-seen will start from usually the incorporation of the business or at least will give a few details about the incorporation, if the focus is on other aspects. Hie Everyone read more. They have crafted a winning formula that is very easy to understand and manage. I have had 2 sittings of this exam and the last sitting I failed over 5 years ago.

TCP trained me to complete the exam within the allotted time in a balanced answer, not more or not less content. Then I came to know about TCP and Channa and his excellent study techniques as well as excellent track record of pass percentages over the years. I need to desperately pass this time because I am out of work and passing this exam will surely help me get a job. Also, awesome experience was what we discussed in the mock was the real exam questions especially mock 7 to 10so it made easy win.

I actually enjoyed studying for this and I have just found out that I got 26 tocpima just passed too.


topcima case study november 2013

Channa, Angela and their excellent team will keep you focused and show you how to pick up those all important easy marks. The mock papers really helped understand the issues behind the Pre seen.

Only a basic background story for topcimz issues will be given in the pre-seen. They not only passed on the tools I needed to get through the exam but also have a true passion and commitment to what they do.

Give a recommendation at the end if relevant Make sure you give stdy exact information asked for, stick to the requirement Give some thought to who the intended audience of the communication is — i. They also provide plenty of mocks,which are and marked, then followed up with a 1 to 1 session to help assist in areas that need improvement, these are invaluable in stjdy you familiar with what is needed to pass the exam in the tight time frame.

Hie Everyone read more. I passed with Channa is the best with his approach and guidance that made me clear MCS in first attempt and despite hardly preparing because of some personal issues.

Study with TCP, you are never alone. Although, I presented well, but after the exam, I thought…I could have certainly done better.

Stock Market & Business Guide: What is TOPCIMA?

The feedback on my practice questions and one to one discussions helped me plan my answers in the real exam. We were given a total of 11 mocks for the November exam as well as numerous calculation practice examples from TK. Have a stop watch on your desk if possible. Time planning and mind planning techniques that ensures you score maximum marks per minute rather than maximum words per minute, most importantly, all this and more is offered to you on personal basis.

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With Nanaska and Channa Sir’s support, I could pass the exam. I looked at the big providers but wanted a provider that would give me the flexibility to study at home but also provide feedback and support when required. Additionally, the team is extremely flexible and responsive. I suffered a setback a few days to the release of the pre-seen. That was when my tutor-mentor directed me to Learncima. I owe this success big time to Channa and his team at Nanaska for providing us necessary resources, guidance and feedback through out this learning journey.


Podcast allowed me to manage my time very efficiently especially during the daily commuting time to office. TCP is providing other all relevant study materials to pass T4. Despite being a dedicated self studier for the other levels, it soon became clear that T4 required some expert tuition.

topcima case study november 2013

TCP working extremely hard in providing students with high quality mocks, study materials, quick feedback and continue support throughout the course. The level of support and motivation given to students by Nanaska team csse truly amazing!!

TOPCIMA Exam Tips for the Upcoming November Sitting

Because you are taking your exam in just a few weeks time, I would like to share with you some tips that helped me pass my exam and become CIMA studj. I feel completely gutted and wished I hadn’t sacrificed so much and even bothered qualifying. The Session and the Support of Mr. Topcima provides their own approach in the form of passing strategy and strict timetable to be followed.