Submit a signed copy of the Thesis Formatting Service Agreement to ubco. Sequentially throughout the thesis, e. Please see MFA Submission information as outline below. Identification and design of the research program. Notes and footnotes must be numbered consecutively throughout the thesis.

Facing pages are not acceptable. The service respects the academic purpose and integrity of the thesis writing and submission process and includes services such as: There are two methods for numbering Tables, Figures and other items: The right, top, and bottom margins should be a recommended 1 inch; 0. When the thesis is accepted, the title and boilerplate abstract text will appear in cIRcle, but the thesis itself and the actual abstract will not be available.

Items that appear in the thesis only once must have a page number and leader lines for each entry. The following okanagam appropriate for inclusion in the appendices: Ensure all required forms are submitted electronically to the College of Graduate Studies gradtheses.

The collection is not available to the public. Previous Academic Credentials You may list your previous academic credentials under your name if you wish.


Italics are not as effective, as they do not reproduce as clearly on a screen. The format for the captions for all figures. Performance of the various parts of the research. A description of methods used, in sufficient detail to enable a reader to understand how the data were gathered and to apply similar methods in another study. The dedication is usually quite short, and is a personal rather than academic recognition.


Lists of Figures Required if applicable. Acknowledge colleagues with whom you have written journal articles.

ubc okanagan thesis formatting

Comments on strengths and limitations of the thesis research. Critically analyze the relevant literature Use and describe in detail the appropriate methodology for the research undertaken Conduct research and present findings Verify knowledge claims and sources meticulously Locate the work of the thesis and its findings within the broader field or discipline Communicate the research and analysis effectively Information about the scope of a dissertation can be found in our policy manual.

Thesis template Thesis formatting guidelines Additional information on preparing theses. The following components are listed in order as they should be presented within your thesis. The account of the research should be presented in a manner suitable for the field and include the following:. Students are encouraged to review the resources early in the writing of their thesis, and use them to check their thesis before submitting it to the College of Graduate Studies.

Theesis owns the rights to inventions, software and other products of research developed by students as part of their graduate work. In step 3a, convert the text portion of your thesis to a single non-secured PDF. Certificate Numbers in Thesis. Please ensure your margins are consistent throughout the document.

ubc okanagan thesis formatting

Facing pages are not acceptable. Must be numbered formqtting lower case Roman numerals ii, iii, iv, etc. Under special circumstances, and with substantive rationale, this may be extended to a maximum of 24 months.


Post-Defence Submission

Graduate students who have questions about thesis and dissertation submission requirements that are not answered below, or who are in need of additional support, are encouraged to contact the office by email gradtheses.

You and your supervisor should decide on the presentation of the bibliography at an early stage in the writing of the thesis, following a style guide or style of a significant refereed journal in your field.

Must be numbered in Arabic numerals 1, 2, 3, etc. Submit a signed copy of the Thesis Formatting Service Agreement to ubco. You can use title case or sentence case, but must use theis same case for all headings of the same level.

Once you have made the submission, the final screen will indicate that the submission was successful. Including Published Material in a Thesis or Dissertation. Deposition of a thesis in the UBC Library constitutes such disclosure.

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Page number sequence and completeness will be checked at final submission. College of Graduate Studies. The College of Graduate Studies has also created several additional resources to help you format your thesis:.

ubc okanagan thesis formatting

Plagiarism is intellectual theft.