At least one week before meeting, the student shall submit to the committee a brief written dissertation proposal defining the scope of the proposed research and the planned method of attack on the research problem. University of North Carolina-Charlotte. Each submission has the opportunity to be judged by faculty and qualified industry personnel for a monetary prize. We encourage all graduate students who are conducting or have concluded research to present at the Symposium. At least one committee member must hold the rank of Associate Professor or higher.

At least one committee member must hold the rank of Associate Professor or higher. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Courses are classified into the following 4 categories. Changes in adviser should be reported to the Student Services Manager. Presenting affords students the opportunity to share findings, gain experience in presenting scholarly research, and represent our various graduate programs. A doctoral written examination, a doctoral oral examination, and a final oral examination covering the dissertation and other topics as required by the examining committee must be passed. Indication of your choice to have your presentation judged for a monetary prize Utilized the statement:

Doctor of Philosophy Official Degree Requirements

It is identical guideliines the written form of the M. Reading is a deliberate intellectual practice that helps us make sense of—interpret—that which surrounds us.

uncc thesis guidelines

At least two of these must be earned by continuous registration for no fewer than six tyesis hours per regular semester or summer session, although registration during the summer is not required for continuity GSH: Indication of your choice to have your presentation judged for a monetary prize Utilized the statement: The Graduate School may require the student to pass an examination on the course content before approving the transfer.


All requirements for the Ph.

If failed, the examination may be retaken, once only ubcc by petition. How do critical reading practices inform writing practices and vice versa? The student must file Form CS to document completion of the requirement.

Decisions made by individual faculty members or by committees may be appealed to the Department faculty as a whole. The committee will either approve or reject the plan at this meeting. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Doctor of Philosophy Official Degree Requirements – Computer Science

It is the responsibility of the presenter to obtain permission of all authors prior to proposal submission.

This means that the student must demonstrate experience in the design, development, and documentation of a software product of significant size and complexity, preferably as part of a team. Financial support from the department will normally not be provided beyond the fourth semester for students who have not been admitted to the doctoral program.

Peter Calingaert, professor emeritus, who devised the measure when he was Director of Graduate Studies. An additional incentive is the option to compete for a monetary prize. This requirement can be satisfied in one of the following ways.

uncc thesis guidelines

February 4, at In calling for a reinvigorated discussion of reading in composition, Ellen Carillo asserts: The student is responsible for arranging the time and place of the meeting.

The following proposals describing research project, findings, implications, and conclusions are welcome: The program adviser and the Graduate Studies Committee review background preparation. The project options must be approved by two faculty members. Presenters may opt out of having their presentation judged. Your email address will not be published. Program of Study to satisfy this requirement.


uncc thesis guidelines

The student is expected to call a committee meeting at least every six months to discuss the progress of the dissertation, and to submit a one-page summary of progress each semester to the Director of Graduate Studies.

Relevant graduate courses from other accredited institutions or from other graduate programs at UNC-CH can be transferred to satisfy any of the foregoing course requirements GSH: For students interested in teaching a course in the department, they must have completed this course before they can be assigned for teaching.

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Also, a student may request a leave of absence for a definite, stated time, not to exceed one year. Subscribe Subscribe By Email Get every new post delivered right to your inbox. Computers, laptop connections, and projectors will be available in presentation classrooms. The election of a formal minor is optional and infrequent. In case of uncertainty about the material required, consult the instructor of the course or the instructor s of courses that include the material as a prerequisite.

If, after passing the Doctoral Oral examination, the student undertakes dissertation research in a different area, the doctoral committee appointed for the new dissertation may require the student to take a further Doctoral Oral examination on thesos new area.