Along with the TV advertisement, giant posters will be exposed in tactical locations with Frank holding a box of Limpex, with the slogan written on the side. This would have the positive effect of surprising Brazilian consumers with a new product, without the additional costs of creating a new formula. Sales will then continue to grow thanks to word-of-mouth publicity from satisfied customers, made especially in public laundries, rivers and ponds where women meet to chat with friends while doing laundry. Segmentation Analysis To better address the needs of Brazilian customers, Unilever divided the market into smaller segments with distinct characteristics, so as to implement different and more focused marketing strategies. Log In Sign Up. The main reason to consider this distribution channel is related to the fact that North-east consumers prefer to buy in local shops, given the fact that locals are used to interact with shopkeepers, who often provide them microfinance loans. This Website is for Sale:

This concern, though, can be well addressed by Laercio, who is aware of the threat posed by local brands targeted at low-income consumers, thanks to his experience in India. This would have the positive effect of surprising Brazilian consumers with a new product, without the additional costs of creating a new formula. The advertisement will present a group of common women, both young and older, dressed simply, rinsing their clothes at a public laundry. Unilever in Brazil Case Study. Positioning To address this new market, Unilever should place its product between its lowest brand, Campeiro, and the middle one, Minerva, staying closer to the former Exhibit 3. To occupy a distinctive place with respect to its competitors in the minds of the consumers, Unilever should take into account what are the needs of low-income citizens of the NE.

In the SE instead, they usually do it alone at home, and they want to make the task as easy as possible. Summing up, this market is characterized by oligopolistic competition since the main detergent sellers are only three, trying unilevver grab as many buyers as possible.

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Existing Campeiro Brand Reposition Target audience: Unilever is one of the world’s leading suppliers of fast-moving consumer goods. February 20, January 4, Daniel H. This way, Unilever can make money out of these products today and at the same unileved it can develop future customers of higher priced goods.


Exhibit 10 was used in calculating the profit margin for new packaging.

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Though with little awareness, Campeiro is already uilever as affordable and average-quality based on the perceptual map. This will be the principal characteristic of the new laundry detergent.

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In particular, it should give importance mainly to the perceived power of the product, which must be able to produce a relevant quantity of foam, and they should deliver a detergent with a very good smell. Your search for case study solution ends here.

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There will be two packaging formats according to the quantity of powder: In fact, Unilever took advantage of the change of currency implemented in Brazil, which led to a strong economic recovery that boosted the purchasing power of lower-income consumers. Option 1, Reposition Existing Brand Campeiro, would be our priority nuilever for Unilever because of detergent powder feature and price advantage.

Invicto is actually the key competitor of Campeiro in terms of sales Exhibit 1. Additionally, for the first six weeks, an additional gr of product will be given for free with the purchase of one package of Limpex, to further encourage its purchase with persuasive promotion.

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The case study elucidate Unilever and their Strategies applied by Unilever in Brazil. It has been demonstrated that, even though low income consumers have less money to spend, their WTP is higher than average consumers for something that they retain valuable and needful.

For this reason, Laercio Cardoso, a Brazilian working for the Personal Care division of Unilever in Pakistan, has been chosen in order to be the head of a team working on the Everyman Project in Brazil, a team composed of Sales, Finance and Manufacturing experts.

For the same reasons, some flower patterns will be added as decoration, mainly the roses and cherry blossoms that give the product its distinctive smell. This Website is for Sale: Instead, the discount will be applied to the wholesale price, the one small market owners will pay in order to get the product on their shelves. The company finds its strengths over competition in its flexible pricing strategy and in the expertise in distribution channels which are able to reach any kind of consumer around the globe.


The advertisement will present a group of common women, both young and older, dressed simply, rinsing their clothes at a public laundry.

Product – market focus A. A special discount will be applied in the first four months of the life of the product, but not to the price addressed to final consumers. Nevertheless, a peculiarity of the Brazilian market is that it has been unstable over time and it will probably continue to be, due to weaknesses in the political system and to a volatile inflation.

Omo small size cardboard box package Price: While it already has many contracts with im wholesalers due to its leading position in ccase sector, making agreements with local suppliers will mean high transaction costs.

Brazil Unilever – 1996 Marketing Case Study

The success of the project is given by the real effort to understand consumers. The company, being a large one, owns the necessary resources to be able to target this segment, without divesting from its more traditional businesses, thus making a differentiated marketing. Also, poor roads, harder communication channels and few electricity infrastructures unilveer be considered, given that it will make transportation more difficult and costly.

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Remember me on this computer. While possible cannibalization for Minerva soap, Unilever should be ready to get rid of the dog and grow its cash cow. This would initially encourage minimarket owners to energetically promote the product to their habitual clients, given the fact that it will be one of unilefer products to give them the highest margins of profit in that period.

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