Bundling of cardboard box package with refill pack Distribution: Also, poor roads, harder communication channels and few electricity infrastructures must be considered, given that it will make transportation more difficult and costly. Maintain premium position but create price discrimination by coupon distribution, and packaging in small size. Possible Cannibalization of Minerva, but the low-income market size is big enough to compensate the cannibalization loss. There will be two packaging formats according to the quantity of powder: In the NE indeed, washing clothes is seen as something pleasant, since it happens in public places, where women meet and chat.

Limpex presents all the characteristics needed in the new detergent as for cleaning power and efficiency in stain removal; furthermore, it is especially known for its strong and pleasant fragrances, which will especially appeal to North East Brazilian women who highly value this characteristic. Unilever Unilever in Brazil Case Study. Additionally, for the first six weeks, an additional gr of product will be given for free with the purchase of one package of Limpex, to further encourage its purchase with persuasive promotion. Omo, Minerva and Campeiro. Finally, the segments differ also on the behavioural side. In it had a portfolio of over brands worldwide, offering a wide range of products food, beverages, cleaning and personal care products.

Obviously, this strategy has some costs that Unilever needs to consider.

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The AD should emphasize whitening and smell, because many poor NE people are proud of keeping their clothes spotlessly clean, and detergent powder does not have the yellowish color and smell limitation that laundry soap has.

Once the discount period is over, consumers will have experienced the effectiveness of the new low-cost detergent, and will be attached to the brand.

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Brasil Foods Case Study Report. Omo, Minerva and Campeiro.

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This would have the positive effect of surprising Brazilian consumers with a new product, without the additional costs of creating a new formula. Unilwver, detergent usage is increasing in the NE, thus making this move even more appealing. Omo, launched in in Brazil, was the first detergent powder in the country and it still is the most successful brand in Brazil.


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The company, being a large one, owns the necessary resources to be able to target this segment, without divesting from its more traditional businesses, thus making a differentiated marketing. Thus the bottom of the pyramid offers huge csae opportunities for Unilever, provided that the company proposes right products at right prices.

Low-income consumers who use detergent powder or laundry soap for clothes washing. Considering also the economic situation of the area, consumers might prefer to support local shops and local communities.

Brazil Unilever – Marketing Case Study – Practicum

Taking advantage of economies of scale, the bigger packages will drive down the cost per kilo, which will benefit consumers in the end. Ovidijus Jurevicius January 8, Print.

Also, the kind of usage of laundry products is divergent, since in the NE soap is utilized much more than detergent powder, opposite to what happens in the SE. Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, produced by the Unilever group, which is now considered the world’s. Nevertheless, a peculiarity of the Brazilian market is that it has been unstable over time and it will probably continue to nuilever, due to weaknesses in the political system and to a volatile inflation.

Brazil Unilever – 1996 Marketing Case Study

Unilever is one of the world’s leading suppliers of fast-moving consumer goods. Click here to sign up. There will be two packaging formats according to the quantity of powder: Possible Cannibalization of Minerva soap, but the low-income market brazi, is big enough to compensate the loss. The main reason to consider this distribution channel is related to the fact that North-east consumers prefer to buy in local shops, given the fact that locals are used to interact with shopkeepers, who often provide them microfinance loans.


Invicto is actually the key competitor of Campeiro in terms of sales Exhibit 1.

Sales will then continue to grow thanks to word-of-mouth publicity from satisfied customers, made especially in public laundries, rivers and ponds where women meet to chat with friends while doing laundry. Also, poor roads, harder communication channels and few electricity infrastructures must be considered, given that it will make transportation more difficult and costly. Unilever is responding to challenging conditions in both developed and emerging home care Strong lead in Brazil.

Unilever Unilever in Brazil Case Study. Instead, the discount will be applied to the wholesale price, the one small market owners will pay in order to get the product on their shelves. Since there are three divisions in this country: This concern, though, can be well addressed by Laercio, who is aware of the threat posed by local brands targeted at low-income consumers, thanks to his experience in India.

The success of the project is given by the real effort to understand consumers. Unilever in Brazil Team: Product – market focus A. Price strategy To effectively attract the target consumer base, the new detergent shall have a competitive price, but not as low as to be considered czse low-quality product. It is basically a brand of male grooming products, which was launched in France. Product strategy To convince our target consumers to buy the new cass, we should mainly address the most wanted features in laundry detergent: However, as a group, they represent a vast segment which is largely untapped, therefore it can be attractive given the low level of competition.